Test answer wrong

I’ve did an open book with this exam… 6 of these questions was answered out to the book, but was marked wrong!!! three times in a roll…

You still need a little work - Members-Only Education.pdf (61.1 KB)

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Just out of curiosity which questions and answers are you referring to?

I am not surprised at all… … …

I have also come across this in quizzes and have marked them wrong so I could get the question marked as correct, It just happened a week ago when taking the Infrared course. I got a question wrong when I know it was right,


It happens. I have had several quizzes that said I had answered something wrong when in fact the course study said otherwise. Had some on final exams also. @sbridges2 I had one on the IR final marked as wrong that was actually correct.
I just write it down in a notebook or print the quiz results, go back through the course to find the correct answer if actually wrong and write it down for the next time I come across it.
You will find quiz questions also that haven’t been covered up until that point of the course, but will find it later in the course. That can be frustrating.