Test Inspections


Now that the province of Alberta has decided to have Test Inspections for some reasons and situations, could you please tell us again what you think of them ?

Apparently your people in Alberta think the idea is great.

I’m sure I am not the only one confused with your thinking.

Bill Mullen

I am a little concerned myself, for the Alberta Government to appoint a group that receives any financial gain (price of the inspection) of any sort is a concern to me and others, I can remember many trades that in the past that used the grandfather clause in which no member that was grand fathered ever gained from that “in any way” other then being a good member of that organized/professional group. I don’t know the CMI/RHI person, have they ever had a claim or had been sued. The speed of all this is a real concern to many across Canada and the States. BC had three years, we were notified in May 12,2011 and at that the start date was March 31,2011 in which we had to comply by September 1.2011. and then if needed only given a two year extension ? or to become a CMI or a RHI you must be in the business for no less then three years? this is an unachievable goal. Between me and another owner of Home Inspection company’s we have had 9 company’s call and asked if we were willing to buy them out. Let me make this very clear to all, I have no problem assisting to make this a better and more respectable field of Inspection as long as it is clear all around and not so shady, I am even being asked through customers about this. A statement was made that in a 4 and a half year length of time with 250 Inspectors only 18 complaints were made to service Alberta, so even at that rate of one inspection per day per inspector that comes out to 1,642 inspections, this hardly warrants such a stern crack down on this industry in such a harsh manner. Why so fast? why was the first action not taken to make sure all in the field had insurance and a business license, then go after the bad guys that are causing errors and grief to this industry. This looks very one sided to all and sneaky. This is just my opinion.
AND yes “congrats” on passing your inspection, its just to bad you had to.