Alberta Insurance Survey

This is a reminder to all Alberta inspectors. It is critical that you all complete the survey We mailed out to you two weeks ago. We must have your response by Dec 10, 2009. Mail it now
The results will be presented to the Advisory Committee for consideration.
In view of the latest by other associations propaganda machine it should be very clear what they plan for your future.
If you do not make yourself heard you are running the risk of losing your business.
The other associations proposed grandfather clause is for 12 months.
If they succeed you will be forced to shut down your business and go work for the others.
Is this what you want.
The government acts on numbers and the most numbers get the governments attention.

Vern, can you explain to the rest of us what is going on out in oil patch?

This survey is for Alberta members. The results will be presented to the advisory committee. Hence the vote must be Alberta HI’s. It is crucial that all members mail their vote in today Dec 10, 2009.

Met with the governemnt officials this morning and they want to see the results of our survey. If you have not sent it in yet do it now. This is critical for our views to be counted.
They indicated that we must have more votes to take it seriously.

Hey Vern
I haven’t seen the new survey ? and haven’t seen a email since the last conference call with advisory committee ( with exception of the lawsuit in BC )

Inspect Express

Ed are you aa Alberta member?