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What is the more important deficiency? Lack of a fire rated door or dead-bolt lock that requires a key for egress?

One is required and the other is not permitted. Done.

Sounds like an NHIE question

keyed deadbolt… you have a chance to escape fire if there is no locked deadbolt, otherwise you’re trapped!

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It’s a stupid question - it really depends on where the fire starts, how fast it spreads and whether there are alternative means of egress - the correct answer is dependent on the situation. The fact is, no inspector ever made a conscious choice to report one and not the other because they felt one was the greater defect. There’s plenty of room in your report to include both. I certainly would never advise a client to correct one and not the other.

If I had to choose on a test, I would guess that the test maker would want you to say “keyed deadbolt”. Then I would tell him he’s and idiot for asking in the feedback.

But if the hollow door was already burning through why would it matter.

I agree with Chuck it’s a stupid question…

I REALLY agree with Chuck and Christopher on this.

I believe it’s a valid question. Too many inspectors I know don’t call out a double cylinder deadbolt locks on main egress door but they will a garage door that isn’t fire rated.

In absence of all other variables, after an alarm goes off or a smoke/fire is noted by occupants… what’s more important to escape fire. Think :slight_smile:

From an inspector’s perspective, it’s not OK to fail to report either.

Is air more important to human life or water?

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You can escape fire without fire rated garage door… but you cannot survive without both water & air, poor analogy. You are basically claiming both are equally important, I disagree.

PS: i completely agree that both must be reported but that isn’t the OP’s question.

You can escape a fire through the window. But you won’t get to use the egress door if the fire enters the house from the garage because of inadequate fire separation and blocks access before you wake and can get to it or if the stairs collapse because they are not fireblocked. These features provide critical additional time for occupants to become aware of the fire and make egress before their escape path is blocked.

It’s a stupid question without any right answer.

The mind is an amazing component :slight_smile: