Testing HVAC equipment

Hello guys,Just curious how you guys are safely Inspecting HVAC equipment, I understand not to test AC equipment below 65 degrees,and understand why,but In a situation where it is warm temps,and you show up for an inspection with the AC running,is it safe to change modes to heating to inspect the furnace,would this be undo stress on the system,interested in the protocol that is best,with the bigger homes and expensive electronic equipment,better be safe and just check , thanks very much.I am in a Canadian climate.

Test it, it will be fine.

I get test Gas Furnaces here as long as it is below 90 F inside the House.

Thanks,I came across a central air manual that stated in warm temps to not toggle between modes,to give at least 15 minutes between,to me that meant shutting down AC,waiting,inspect sequence and flame,shut down furnace,wait again 15 minutes,and restore ac to original setting,But I prefer to just switch modes.

I wait the 10-15 minutes between modes. It’s no big deal. Fire up the heater when I arrive, begin inspecting, when it gets too hot to breath (;-)) I shut it down. Continue inspecting. Return and fire up the A/C. No biggie!

Obviously, sequence varies dependant upon outside temps. I always finish with whatever is appropriate for the season.

Thanks,better be safe than sorry that is what I will do.


For a heat pump yes.

Run the Heat until someone comments about the warmth…
Run the AC until someone comments about how cold the house is getting…
Works… :slight_smile:

That was a quote from Russell Ray but I prefer to take a pic of the temp with something distinguishing in the back ground;-):wink:

I never waited 15 minutes in my life time to change from one mode to the other would someone explain to me what 15 minutes is going to accomplish:D:D

Thanks for sharing the smart tip!

Esp on an older sys, I’ll do the same. Macro and the backlight of the IR gun work great. Thought I was the only one doing that :stuck_out_tongue: