Off Season Testing

In the summer when the A/C is going full blast does anyone test the performance of the heater, and visa-versa for the winter time?

I don’t, and disclose it as it would be harmful to the unit to do so, but I get some buyers who really want me to crank up the heat to make sure it works. So far I haven’t had anyone push the issue, have you?

I always test the heat in the summer. Turn the AC off, turn the fan “on” for about 15 minutes until the coils reach ambient temperature. Turn on the heat and test the heat at one register. Reverse the process (turn the heat off, leave the fan on). When the coils are back at ambient temperature, turn the AC back on and check each register for cooling and air flow.
I don’t test the AC when the exterior temp is below 65.

Same here. Just today, unoccupied house, turned the AC on when I got there, towards the end of the inspection I shut it down, inspected the garage, came back about 20-25 minutes later and turned on the heat.

Are you guys talking about heat pumps? Or electric A/C and gas heat.

Mine was an oil fired furnace with the AC air handler in it.

HMMMMMM can you tell me what harm you would be creating???

This is a new one on me. Please explain.

It is a heater for crying out loud. How are you going to hurt it by making it operate using normal operating controls. It is designed to get hot…very hot. If you have ever been to a little old ladies house in winter you would know you can’t hardly overtax one. Most of them have it set for for like 95 F and it is like a slag furnace inside the home. Even the dog and cat are begging to be put down and out of their misery.

I’ll agree if you shut the A/C off and allow sufficient time for it to acclimate to the surrounding room temperature, it should not harm the unit, but to turn it from A/C running at 72 degrees to heat at 90 degrees in one flip of the switch is not good for the unit (or so I’ve been told).

Maybe I’m wrong on this and will do further research. I know I won’t do that to my unit.

Please do but do not ask your next door neighbor or your brother- in- law they don’t have the correct answer ??? If that bothers you as someone mentioned above just leave the blower operating for 5 minutes after you shut the A/C off and it brings the A-coil to the return air temp???:smiley:

What if my brother-in-law is a Master HVAC Mechanic (Retired)?

Well excuse me go for it:D:D;-)

Are you just being an a s s hole? Or is this the way you are?

I typed out a response to this crap and deleted it. We have been through this too many times already…

The main point IS (and take this to your research endeavor), you can run an oil, gas, electric and heat pump in the heat mode (without “taking a break”) regardless of all the stupid crap you have read, because people much smarter than your sorry *** took the time to put safety controls in the equipment design so dumb asses “CAN’T” do stupid crap to the unit and break it.

If you don’t agree, if they didn’t kick out everyone yet that actually know this crap because they didn’t take the boyscout class that we do not agree with and must answer the question “WRONG” to PASS…; ask them…

I’m pretty much an a s s hole, thanks for asking.

My biggest mistake was to bring an honest question to the message board and expect a real answer without the arrogance, ego’s, belittling responses.

Now I see why InterNACHI boasts over 8000 members, but only 500 or so come here…

You ask a question and fight the replies…

If you don’t like it, join the ranks…

If you looked (during your research) this has been covered several times. Many think like you and pass on the wrong information to their clients.

If your “all-knowing” brother-in-law was so damn smart why are you wasting our time?

Well nobody told me you had all of the correct answers? You should list that in your credentials. Next time I will just come right to you instead of passing on the wrong information to my clients. You should change that smiling icon in your signature to the one with the halo on it.

By the way, I don’t even have a brother-in-law. It’s just that part of me that’s an a s s hole…

I could have told you that you had no Brother-in-law in the business you just copied my signature. When someone asks a question that is pretty much common knowledge I generally don’t give a answer right away I either insult you or try to make you think. Its a way to remember that you won’t forget the answer David gets right in your Chit. Ask Shawn Fogerty I got him and he won’t forget the answer. Welcome to the group we don’t mind assholes everyone has one

I can appreciate that. I can give it as good as I get it, so no worries here.

I had coffee shooting out of my nose when I read that … :smiley: … Very true, but you are being a little harsh there Dave … :wink: