Texas E&O, 250K for $850

At last nights North Texas NACHI meeting we had a visit from an Allstate Agent who spoke of E&O for Texas Inspectors. He did mention that one of his clients, a new Texas Inspector, just received his E&O quote from the underwriter he uses. The quote for a $250K policy was approximately $850. No in depth details were provided as he was trying to keep his presentation short (there were other vendors in line at the time).

Drop him a line and see what he can do for you. It would be interesting to see the quoted amounts.

Mr. Robert Dupuis
Agent, Allstate
1333 W. McDermott Dr., Suite 200
Allen, TX 75013
Phone 214-547-7222
Cell 903-271-2460
Fax 214-547-0061
email RobertDupuis@allstate.com

Let us know what you are quoted.

This is the same vendor I spoke to. Let us know what you find out.

Is that one of those too good to be…hope not!

I spoke, at length, with Mr. Dupuis today and thoroughly enjoyed our discussion. I have my applications (E&O, GL and Bonding) and will complete them tomorrow. Applications are standard questions and nothing offensive or ridiculous. If the quotes come back as expected from our conversation then I will certainly be a very happy person!!

I am sure there will be features/coverage differences from other carriers but I just need the basics and it appears this will cover that. We shall see what the final picture is.

One other note to add. In addition to Inspections I offer other property services. I have checked with many carriers and none will write one GL policy to cover both aspects of my business. That means 2 X $$$ for GL coverage. I have been told that I can obtain 1 X $$$ coverage for GL. In other words I am not paying double for two separate GL policies.

We shall see how it pans out.

I’m going to be pleasantly & extremely surprised if that $850 premium turns out to be accurate.

Why were you not at the meeting were you not welcome:p :slight_smile:

We were laying in wait for him and had several people lined up
to for the big shoot out… but he never showed up.

We were all very relieved…:mrgreen:

Please ask him if he covers New Hampshire!

Can someone explain that exchange to me? I have no idea what that means.

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You have a very short memory I don’t; I was waiting for a face to face:D :stuck_out_tongue:

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During our conversation I actually did speak to him about his capabilities out of the state of Texas. He has considered obtaining licenses in other states or at least affiliations in other states. At this time though he does quite a bit of business here in Texas and keeps busy. He has thought about expanding but not at the present time.

Wish the news was better.

Hi Manny,

If he can’t then maybe we can find out who the underwriter is so that we can have local agents inquire about it.

Be to late by thanksgiving UT will be flushed down the drain by that time no honor to be had.:twisted: :smiley:

Sorry I did not meant to hi-jack this thread but could not resist

It doesn’t indemnify agents, a selling point many inspectors exploit in an effort to recoup premiums.

I will not disagree with that point. But for other than that reason please answer these questions:

  1. If an agent has done nothing wrong during a transaction then why should they be concerned?

  2. E&O costs for Agents are significantly less than for HI’s allowing them to buy much larger coverage for much less of a premium. Why would the agent need the HI’s E&O to cover them?

  3. Again, other than your point above and inclusive of any referring party, what benefit does referring party coverage provide to the HI?

Manny writes:

  1. An agent who has done nothing wrong should be concerned about being sued for the same reason a home inspector who has done nothing wrong should be concerned about being sued… legal defense costs.

  2. I don’t know if agents need it. Agent need is not a reason to buy E&O that covers the agent who referred you from negligent referral claims. Marketing YOUR business is. Why do something to assist some real estate business? You have enough work to do running your own business. Buy E&O that covers the agent that referred you because it helps YOUR business, not the agent’s.

  3. A powerful marketing benefit to the HI’s business.

FREA at www.frea.com includes free negligent referral coverage for the agent that sent the work your way… at no additional cost.

And if you are a Certfied Master Inspector www.certifiedmasterinspector.org you also get free zero deductible.

And that Zero deductible looks great on the proof of insurance letter.
When i submitted my proof of insurance to a builder his eyes almost poped out


Mr. Dupuis said to give him a call or email and he will provide needed information.

Mr. Robert Dupuis
Agent, Allstate
1333 W. McDermott Dr., Suite 200
Allen, TX 75013
Phone 214-547-7222
Cell 903-271-2460
Fax 214-547-0061
email RobertDupuis@allstate.com