Texas frozen pipes and thermal

After last weeks polar vortex, we have been reminded that Texas homes are not designed to stay warm. Here in San Antonio, we had a ton of burst pipes, and we are getting calls left and right for post-disaster damage assessments. Here’s some thermal images from yesterday, and needless to say, the moisture meter was at 100%!

FLIR1330 FLIR1331 FLIR1334

The insulation will help keep the home cool, too.

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It should, but didn’t do too well. Maybe it would be better to say our homes are designed for hot weather and not cold weather. i.e. plumbing in uninsulated areas like attics and crawlspaces.

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Bandera Texas? Home of the Flying L Ranch. Many a drunken night at that place back when I stayed up late and did that kind of stuff :grinning:
What resolution are you using?

Yep, and the Flying L is still here. FLIR E8 with 320x240 resolution.