Some of my practice shots at families homes

Here are just a couple of my practice shots that I took at some families homes with my TIR.

IR 017.jpg


IR 015.jpg

Pratice some more by telling us what you found!

Here it goes Pic #1 is my wood front door, I can see how poor an insulator the door is , you could even see a slight bit warm air infiltration under the bottom weatherstrip. It wasn’t even that hot a day outside. Pic #2 , 2 areas of lacking insulation in my brotherlaws garage. I could not confirm it because there is a bedroom above the garage so there was no acces to inspect the insulation. Pic #3, are of 2 spots of moisture in my friends bedroom, after testing the spots with my moisture meter they tested around 8%. It is a townhome and the Condo Corp just had the roofs re-done this year. I believe the spots were possibly from leaks in the old roof because when I went in the attic all the roof sheathing was new plywood and there were no signs of active leaks. The insulation in the areas was also dry. It is an amazing technology and I can’t wait for my Level 1 course Nov.3-7 to learn some more. Would some of you veterans concur with my interpretations? P.S. I realized I have to fix the date and time settings on my camera as these pictures were taken over the last couple weeks not in July.