Texas Inspector IC courses

Does anyone know were to get the IC courses required to become a Texas Inspector. It looks as if InterNACHI does not carry the IC courses, only CE. Need Help anyone thanks

Online IC courses is what i would like.

Contact the Texas Real Estate Commission for current requirements.
You can “google” to get TREC contacts.

One can’t simply take internet courses for the initial core educational requirements.
You need to find an approved education provider (school) via TREC for the first couple
of hundred hours. It is not easy becoming licensed in Texas. You need to contact TREC to find out what the requirements are.

Darrell, where are you located. Others can help out easier if you let us know where you’re at.
Champions School of Real Estate is available in San Antonio and Houston. I’m not sure what other areas they are located in. They offer classroom and online courses. If you’re not in one of their locations you should be able to take their on line courses. Let us know where you’re located and some one from that area may pop in here with some suggestions for schools in your area. Good Luck.

I am in So. California i was hoping to find online courses. I did go to the TREC site can anyone tell me what #4 requirement means confussed it reads: In addition to the 90 core hours completed as a real estate inspector, a total of 130 additional classroom hours of core real estate inspection courses must be completed as follows. I get the 130 because they are listed but what is the 90 core hours?

Yes i did go to TREC site but it not clear to me. see the reply i sent to Joseph. My though was to do the 130 hours education requirements and the 200 additional hours for a total of 330 pluss the 5yr experience or letter from a proffessional inspector certifying attendance. Where to get the online 130 IC courses? Thanks long road

Darrell Call Champions school or RE and ask for janie at 281-893-4484 she can walk you through the process or direct you to someone who can.

If the TREC site is not clear to you then call them on the phone. If you rely solely on the internet then good luck. Education requirements are changing. TREC can tell you. After all, they set the rules.

Champions has good schools. Avoid AHIT IMO. They report having the lowest test passing rate of 18%. Not good results. Also check out Texas A&M Commerce as the offer classes to get into this business. Another thing to do is join TPREIA as an apprentice to help develop your knowledge and skills. Www.TPREIA.com.

Well if you’re looking for online courses I mentioned Champions has on line courses. Others on here I notice also brought them up and said they are good. I think Jim said if you are confused w/ TREC call them. Do that but also call Champions and talk to them and I’m sure they will walk you thru it since they want your dime to educate you whether it’s on site or on line.


heard TREC frowns upon advertising and doing inspections before a license is obtained in TX…ymmv

He is in southern California now Barry

That may well be, but in his website he claims TREC licensing and mentions TREC on every page, but never lists a license number.

Me, I like when people advertise “Non Evasive Inspection” and list their “experiance” along with their unlicensed $199 inspections.

TREC has a matrix for that!

TREC list Internachi as approved courses. So does that mean that all the free courses on NACHI will meet the requirements for TREC?

Can the NACHI classes be used to satisfy the requirements of TREC for the 328 hours of education?

As others have said “No”.

Do they meet the CE requirements once you’re licensed?

As others have already stated “yes”…

We’ve had so many requests to submit our already-TREC-approved CE courses for IC approval, that we recently re-submitted all of them to TREC for IC approval as well. I’ll let you know the second we hear word from TREC.

Texas State University San Marcos has an online 450 hour course, approved by TREC, that will qualify one for a Professional License. It’s more competitively priced than any of the others. Does anyone have any experience with this course?