Texas InterNACHI member Gary Chilton passed away last night.

God bless him.

My sympathies and condolences to the immediate family. :frowning:

Just sucks…God Bless…man it makes me stop and think how fragile life is…

My condolences.

God bless

Gary was a nice person. Condolences to his son (an inspector) and family.

Condolences to Gary, but it would have been nice Nick to at least tell us where he was from (In this small state). Rest in peace Gary and best wishes to your family.

Gary R. Chilton, CMI TREC# 7156. Axiom Inspection. (214) 734-7079. Mckinney, TX

Here’s a little info on Gary I found to show a little respect and acknowlegment of who and what he was. -

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Sans-serif,sans-serif]We are the father and son team of Gary and Darren Chilton. We perform inspections all around Northeastern Texas. If you are buying a house near Dallas, please call Darren at (214)395-4422
(214)395-4422 If you are looking at a house near the McKinney area, please call Gary (father) at (214)734-7079 (214)734-7079 We are one of the few inspection companies around that uses Infrared Cameras for EVERY inspection we perform. We are very excited to bring you the latest technology in home inspections!
We are able to deliver inspections that are unparalleled in accuracy. Using this technology, we are able to see electrical problems, water penetrations, pest infestations and many other problems that we could not detect otherwise. You WILL NOT receive a more complete inspection. Please click here to read and see more about this fantastic tool!