Texas: New-Home Standards, Warranties Under Development

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(November 8, 2004) – The Texas Residential Construction Commission has proposed rules that would create Texas’ first standards and warranties for new-home construction. The rules are currently up for public review, with TRCC accepting oral comments through November.

Both the Texas Association of REALTORS? and the Greater Houston Home Builders Association have voiced support for TRCC-developed standards.

Stephen Thomas, TRCC executive director, says the rules are divided into three sections. The first sets forth performance standards for components of a home that are subject to a minimum one-year warranty for workmanship and materials, such as wall and flooring construction. The second sets standards for plumbing, electrical systems, and heating and air-conditioning delivery systems, which are subject to a minimum warranty period of two years. A third establishes standards for foundations and major structural components of a home, which are subject to a minimum warranty period of 10 years. Warranties are provided by the homebuilder or general contractor.

Thomas says TRCC was established last year to develop limited warranties and performance standards for new homes built in Texas. "We want to make sure there is a level playing field in terms of how a home performs and that homeowners know what to expect," Thomas says.

Previously, builders in the state used "implied warranties" that basically ensured good workmanship but didn't provide a centralized enforcement agency like TRCC to handle complaints and enforce regulations. Thomas expects TRCC to adopt the final rules at its Dec. 3 meeting. If adopted, the rules will apply to all homes that begin constructions after Jan. 1.

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"After thoroughly reviewing the final set of warranty standards, HADD continues to be concerned about the effectiveness of these standards and the continued bias towards the home building industry. Although the standards are far better than the straw man proposal, they are far from being fair to the consumer. "