Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) approves NACHI course for home inspection CE.


That’s great news Nick.
Get some more of these and you will have a lot
of Texas inspectors joining NACHI.

Do you have some calendar dates and places yet for
the classes?

Too bad this course is about home inspections
and will be no good for CMI CE’s credits,
if Michael has his way. It does not make sense.

Nearly all Texas approved courses are about
home inspections.

Wow, that it great news. I’m glad someone paid attention and took the time to apply for the approval. Let’s get a bunch more courses approved now. Good work!

I would like to remind whoever is responsible for this at NACHI that the attached approval appears to be for the CE Provider (NACHI), that is step 1. The actual course instructor must be approved as well which is step 2. See http://www.trec.state.tx.us/pdf/education/MCE-16-0.pdf for instructions on that simple process. If the instructor is who I think it may be then he is already approved as an instructor and no further action would be needed.

John, I’ve attended many TREC Inspector Committee meetings where the issue of lack of Inspector CE courses was discussed. The fact that Texas real estate agents have a much greater variety of CE courses available has been discussed at length and I feel that TREC has a very open mind about this. The simple fact of the matter is that no one has applied for teaching such courses. Topics like business development, marketing, computer usage, and other interesting topics that could be shown to have value for HI’s could potentially be approved if someone were to offer them and apply for approval.

Michael will not be having his way, I suspect.

What way is that Joe?

Mike B,

"Too bad this course is about home inspections
and will be no good for CMI CE’s credits,
if Michael has his way. It does not make sense."

***I was speaking of Michael R’s view of the CMI education world.

Aha…gotcha…just too many Michaels and Mikes around here. :slight_smile:

Mike B.

And now another course: http://www.nachi.org/trec2006.htm


Now we need to get to work on New Hampshire.

So when is NACHI going to start offering these in Texas?

John Cahill already offers them. And yesterday I met with Tom Rausch who generated a 3 inch stack of paperwork to get all the NACHI Certified Education courses approved too.

I am also an approved instructor through TREC. If you need help in getting these courses going.

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Russell Strahan and I will be offering the foundation and report writing course in Austin in February. We were planning on January but our date conflicted with TAREI. We kinda felt sorry for them and moved it out to February. The seminar will then do a multi city tour in the spring. Russell is an engineer who knows foundations inside out as well as home inspection. (Manny, you asked for this several times; its coming now. I’ll give you a free pass for Dallas for staying on my butt.)

This is a remake of the course I taught in 2005. It has more emphasis on report writing and risk management.

Will post location and pricing soon.

John Cahill