Thank You Internachi!

I want to give thanks to InterNachi,

Today marks the day I passed my State License Exam, and passed on the first attempt.

All the information provided to me as being a member has really gave me to confidence and knowledge in pursuing a career as a Home Inspector.
Looking forward to the continued success and education.

Thank you again,
Happy Inspecting.

Good for you welcome aboard .
A good ides is go to top left (Control Panel ) and fill in your Information so we all know where you Practice your inspections .
Any questions send me a letter all the best … Roy

Congrats Dominick.


Congratulations… Good luck going forward!

Dominick A. Landi**
**Ft Lauderdale, FL **

(954) 494-4681


Great to hear about your exam the above guys know their stuff.
I would soak up as much as you can from them.


What is the best book you have written for guys to get started? I know you have at least one but think you have a new one. Dom should read all he can on starting his own biz and learn from others mistakes.

I wish I had read all that stuff BEFORE I just winged it.

Welcome to the club Dominik

Congrats! What state?

Congratulations, good luck and happy inspecting!!