I want to thank everyone!

I want to thank everyone on the Forum for all the help and support from what I learned in my short 3 months of being a member. I finally finished my required 120hr licensing course requirement for Florida. Now time to study and put what I have learned into effect by taking the proctored examination, coming soon!

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Keep pushing forward! :slight_smile:

Congrats and good luck on you mission. Just hang in there.

What area are you looking to take your test in? I know a lot of proctors including myself.

Congratulations, Jose! Way to go!

You will get there with a little more concentration. :smile:

Jose, it will be worth the effort you put into it. The forum is a great place to learn and often times it will help you get some great narratives for your reports. Take advantage of members and friends who want to help. Good Luck, John

Thank all for the good wishes!!!

Hi Michael,
I’m in Pembroke Pines. I picked out to a member that I saw on the proctor list in the immediate area, just waiting to hear back from him. Any recommendations or advice for test prep?

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to update everyone. I took Florida InterNACHI Proctor Exam for the Florida Home Inspectors License this morning, and PASSED!

First InterNACHI Christmas Party and passed my exam = Great Day!

Thank you to all for your support!


That’s awesome, Jose. Congratulations.

Congratulations! :slight_smile: :laughing:

Congratulations, Jose! :smile: