Thank You, Kansas Budget Director

The Budget Director for Kansas has reviewed the new bill and has written, in effect, that there is no way of knowing the exact cost to the state at this time and that there has been no money allocated to implement it.

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Inspectors who are citizens of Kansas need to maintain a steady mailing campaign to remind the Kansas Legislature that they cannot add expenses to a budget to help realtors reduce their liability while taking necessary medical care from the elderly, in exchange.

The Budget Director gave you the ammo…now fire it back at the legislature!!!

Okay, Kansas guys…

Nick is working on getting a media contact to speak with you on this subject.

PPPLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE do not cloud this issue with trivia about Barnes and ASHI and unfairness and all the usual stuff. We threw that at them before and all it did was get the Governor to sign this bill into law.

This time…the economic collapse of 2008 has done your work for you and the Director of the Budget has published that no funds have been allocated for this bill and there is no way to determine what it might cost.

That is your story and that is why it should be scrapped.

While legislators in Kansas, due to the budget deficit, have to decide what prisons to close and what elderly care programs to cut and what child welfare programs to cut…it has no business passing a law that could literally take medicine off the shelves of grandmothers just to help a few realtors get bigger commissions. Especially in the absence of demonstrated need.

Send Barnes home to Wichita without even mentioning his name.

Stop this bill to save the children. Stop this bill to save the elderly. Stop this bill to keep from releasing prisoners onto the streets where little girls ride their bicycles.

You can kill this thing, Kansas.

Do it!!!

As I read this the Kansas Bureau of Investigation thinks this will give them some added revenue. Shouldn’t we be helping them??

Mr. Brunk is the committee chairman, and a realtor. Mr. Barnes talks regularly with the KAR. News media has been paid off, and will not air any home inspection news stories. Mr. Barnes has, and is, spending his “free” time pushing these bills, all for the benefit of him and his special interests. Heck, none of these new issues, rules, regulations, education CE in #2260 have not even been voted on/approved by the other board members. But, no one sees this as the scam that it is. ASHI wants to take over the home inspection industry in Kansas. I wish that the KBI would see it that way, and investigate why these “people” are so adamant to get these laws passed, that are not needed in anyway. There is another represenitive out in Kansas that wants to do inspections, and owns his own HVAC company. I bet he stays in business, while we will not be.

Just curious - Has anybody heard who is throwing in all the new BS that wasn’t anywhere in the original Bill and why.

Are the Realtors going crazy? Is it the Termite Inspectors pushing this on the rest of us? Is this 1 home inspector group doing it? OR ???

Its almost laughable that someone / somebody is putting rules on home inspectors that I’ve not seen on most any other similar group including engineers, real estate appraisers, termite inspectors, etc, etc.

What gives with the 2-3 paragraphs regarding misdemeanors or felonys??

For example, I’ve now heard the Chairman of the Home Inspection Board (Jeff Barnes from Wichita) twice tell a group of people like the House Commerce Committee that since home inspectors are inside peoples homes - criminal background checks by FBI fingerprinting is vitally important to ensure that we don’t have child molestors, pedophiles, etc roaming around loose in these houses.

In 32 years we’ve never heard of this ANYWHERE, let alone out here in the Kansas home inspection ranks. We have seen several issues with this occuring in the Realtor community in the past 2 years in or around Kansas City, but NOTHING like this from home inspectors, etc.

Therefore since it always seems like Jeff Barnes is the one bringing it up, it’s starting to make many of us wonder if they’ve got some problems in the Wichita area home inspection group that they’re trying to keep hushed up AND eliminate with this unwarranted ADDITION in the laws.

Yep. I get that feeling too, Dan. I hope everyone reads my post above. This whole thing just gives me a bad feeling. Perhaps, Mr. Barnes himself is one who got in trouble, and instigated fingerprinting. I, myself, have nothing to hide; it is a freedom and right to work issue, and WILL result in a major lawsuit in Kansas. I am a certified termite inspector here in Kansas #16601, and have been for years. I have not heard anything in that area, run by the Kansas Dept. of Agriculture. Someone, or some group, has to be influencing lawmakers, and should be investigated by the dept. of justice. You can teach a home inspector about a home, which is 20% of the learning of the business, but nothing in the bill says anything about the other 80%; record keeping, business practices, Inc. or LLC., partnerships, accounting, taxes, how to present yourself, how to speak, what to wear, and not, etc. I have hundreds of tips and educational experiences to teach hours just on those subjects, which, in my opinion, are more important than learning about a home. That is the reason that I have been successful. My secret is out.

Good Post Jim…!!!

Here in Arizona we have to be fingerprinted and checked prior to the BTR giving certification.

Check out this link to see a shining example of the Kansas government in action:

Jeff Moore -

Understand, BUT - here about the only ones I know are the real estate agents (and they grandfathered 15,000 existing ones AND only require this of newbies getting into the business) and CERTAIN medical personell that I’m immediately aware of.

We don’t even have a state contractors licensing board AND this is NOT done on other state licensed professions similar to ours.

So it looks REALLY suspect …

What? No money for home inspector licensing? Too friggin’ bad! Who knows, maybe the employees of the state would be willing to deffer some of their paycheck to help Kansas implement home inspector licensing?

Kansas suspends income tax refunds
Story by The Associated Press
1:33 p.m. Monday, February 16, 2009

Kansas is suspending income tax refunds and may not be able to pay its employees on time.

The state is strapped for cash in its main bank account. Republican legislative leaders blocked an effort by Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to transfer funds into the account.

Sebelius wanted to move $225 million from other accounts throughout state government, allowing the state to pay its bills. That move requires approval of legislative leaders, and Republicans balked.

Now Budget Director Duane Goossen said he’s not sure the state can meet its payroll. State employees are due to be paid again Friday.

GOP leaders want Sebelius to sign a bill making $326 million in adjustments to the budget for the fiscal year that ends June 30.

Legislators approved that bill last week, but it has not reached her desk.

Well all I can say is that as important as licensing home inspectors is for National Security AND to Protect Kansans from Child Pedofules lurking in our Ranks that they Somehow / Someway put priorities in order AND squueze the money together somewhere to FUND Home Inspector Licensing.

Just an example of our intelligent, competent lawmakers at work. I do not understand how these people get elected and re-elected to public office. It really makes you wonder.

Trust me, she has it, she’s waiting for a Sunday, just like when the HI law went into effect. Sign it when no one is looking.

Has anyone attempted to contact her, through the media?