I’ve had an absolute blast here today…won more than I possibly imagined. However, I’m burnt and need to give it up. THANK YOU TO ALL InterNACHI staff for your hard work and generosity!


Thank you very much

Awesome Party

Merry Christmas

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Thanks for all the hard work the InerNACHI staff has done.

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Fellows it’s exhausting. I haven’t played in like 4 years.

Yes thank you so much!
So grateful!
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Jonathan Bonney
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Do you guys know when it will end 5 Mnt time?

Thank you to all the InterNACHI Staff for a job well done. Only wish I had a faster computer. lol. Merry Christmas to all.

Thank you guys for helping out a new inspector!

For you newer INSPECTORS, when it ends … There will be a post saying that the party has ended.

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Yes I agree, I have won couple of tools that I truly needed today and had a blast . I thank the Internachi staff and all that participated. Merry Christmas to all and be safe out there.

Completely agree. No other association I have been involved aims to help the inspectors like NACHI. Thank you all for your work throughout the year in making us successful!

Echo that. Been fun and encouraging. Super Christmas. Kudos to all who go the extra mile to make extra ordinary things like this happen. More elbow grease

Thanks Nick & Staff for everything! It feels great to donate to a great cause! Merry Christmas!

Thank you and enjoy the holidays!!!

Merry Christmas too everyone thank you for the gifts. I tried hard all day too get some much needed new toys. And I was very blessed. I even won two of the same thing so I passed on the second. Hope someone got it that needed it!

Gary hurst

Mancos Colorado

Thanks! InterNACHI is the best! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thanks, Jody! We had a great time at the InterNACHI® HQ today too. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :smiley:

We’ll probably post some more prizes tonight. :thinking:

Party still on? Just finished a report from a late inspection.