Thanks InterNACHI

I just received my Christmas party gifts today and want to say thank you to Nick and all of the InterNACHI staff. I’m going to go out and market strong. I love the multi tool.

Thank you Nick:D

Nice!! Shawn “Quick Draw” Staggs :smiley:

Thnaks Dave, Can’t wait to go hit marketing next week. :smiley:

Good luck!

Good bit of loot there. “King of F5”

Okay… Should I understand that F5 is a keyboard shortcut to use for next year? Cool! Hihi

F5 key, along with lighting fast internet:mrgreen:

Fine thanks! I see it’s better then my own comination: Ipad and two years old son trying to play too…:slight_smile:

I’m glad that you won them.

WHAT…no Electrical Book in that gift…Shame on Nick…:wink: