Thanks Nick and Everyone! Happy Holidays!

This is a lot of fun, just got back from an inspection and the party is in full swing!


I agree Thomas, Just wish I was a little quiker on the button. LOL

Well, Greg. You were the first to reply to Thomas’ post!

Christmas party is a lot of fun. I’m glad I don’t have to drive home.

Nick and the rest of the staff are doing great things to help us all improve our businesses. Glad I chose INACHI.

Many Thanks to Nick, Ben, Lisa, et. al. and all the InterNACHI gang for all you do for us. Merry Christmas, :smiley:

True, I must be speeding up a little!!

Good to see you Tom, I just got back from an inspection in your neck of the woods (Ellicott City) myself…:cool:


Merry Christmas everyone

Hey! What are you doing inspecting in my “woods”! :wink:

Just helping out a Brotha…:wink:

My inspect today was a POS, no electric on which never helps!
How was yours Jim?

We are getting a snow storm today…about 8 inches so far, still snowing and 40 mph winds. I cant think of a better way to spend the afternoon, clicking and winning (trying to anyway:D). Thanks InterNACHI and merry christmas to all.

I’m sitting by the wood stove, keeping warm but nothing like what you’re getting. 40’s and rain coming in this evening.

Nice home, 6 years old 2500 sq ft overall good condition. Nice client, left me alone to do my job and added Radon Test at the end so was a few extra bucks…