Thanks Nick. It is very nice...

A big, heavy mug. Get yours, if you qualify.

I’m really enjoying using it.

Thanks Nick et al.

Larry you were about 10 seconds (or 10 years :lol:) ahead of me… got mine today too. Very nice cup looking forward to my daily cup o joe tomorrow!

Hi Dave. Hope you and yours are well…:smiley:

They are really nice mugs, eh?

Did you get the thermos too? I only do one large cup a day (this one will work great) but my assistant likes more coffee during the morning and loves the thermos.

Yes they are… and same to you and your family!


Sure did. It is great for traveling.

Personally… I like mine better!

I started drinking coffee about 2 years ago and the master inspector mug is by far my favorite, thanks Nick!!