Hot PIC: Last of the CMI mugs shipped today.


Did you send me one?


Canadian members’ shipped as well:

Very cool Nick, can’t wait to have my first cup or 2 or 3 of my special CMI blend of different beans my wife mixes all up and blends…LOL

This stuff doesn’t mess around…LOL


How many ounces do they hold?

I hope I am on the list, if not I have received many free CMI items, thanks Nick & Nachi.


My main goal today is to see how much coffee I can consume before bouncing off the walls!!

I am usually drink 3 cups a day.

Got mine, thanks! Very nice mug but I dropped it and cap broke so I ordered another one and got it promptly.

Now, if I could only get my Now books won at Questions of the Week (got 1 of 3 cases to date)…

30 ounces.

I don’t think that plastic is good for coffee…

Wrong mug!

Me think that Nick was talking of water bottle, not mug. The one I got my water mug in look the same.

How many ounces in gold?


On the pallet you displayed, were they Mugs or Water Bottles in those boxes?


Anxiously awaiting mine.

I don’t do Facebook so I guess that I don’t get a mug…