Thanks Nick--Thanks InterNACHI

Today I received my International Standards of Practice for inspecting commercial properties—the 2009 edition. Along with the standards I received several brochures and coupons. Thanks Nick and thanks InterNACHI.

Checked your web site. It says that you are licensed. Since there is no home inspector licnese (yet) what license do you hold?

Licensed to do business in the counties of Santa Rosa and Escambia. As you may be aware, it is necessary to be licensed as a business to write a business contract and to operate as a business. Some of the fly-by-night home inspectors are like Jim-Bob-boy that do home inspections on Tuesday afternoon right after their meeting with their parole officer. Not licensed at all. I always explain to my clients and associates that it is a license to do business and not a home inspection license. Gives me some credibility as a professional business person.

I got my ComSop book too!!


BTW, as far as the Fly By night stuff, I agree.

I mention in my website that I’m licensed as a General Contractor as well. There are different processes that go on in the background ensuring that contractor’s like me don’t have criminal records.

If you were selling/buying a home, it’s nice to know that the inspector showing up isn’t a criminal. I realize that there are circumstances and I’m not trying to start a debate… but if my wife was home by herself and the home was getting inspected…think about it.


I think it’s a plus!

I got mine PLUS the thingy you promised me Nick.

Thank you very much.

If your county requires a business license to operate a home inspection business, I think it fine (and smart) to list those licenses.

“Escambia County Business License # xxxx”
“Santa Rosa Business License # xxxx”

List the actual county names as they are recognizable to potential customers in your local market.

If you are a licensed general contractor or plumber in your area, it is probably OK to list those too as they don’t imply that you offer those services as part of your home inspection service. Those trades are far enough away from home inspections to keep from getting fuzzy.

However, if you are a licensed Professional Eengineer, don’t advertise that fact in your home inspection marketing. It implies that you are offering engineering services, and that consumers should hire your services because you can provide engineering services. Likewise, if you don’t check to make sure a home is up to local building code, you probably shouldn’t advertise that you are “Code Certified” either. Read