difference between a building inspection vs. a home inspection

We have a job this week in Naples and the agent informed us who the home inspector on the job will be. He doesn’t have a Home Inspector license; he has a building inspection license.

We do not recommend him, but he does show up on “our” jobs often.

Local licensed inspectors are losing several jobs a week to this building inspector.
It seems a shame that Real Estate agents would recommend an unlicensed home inspector.

Page 6 http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/pro/homein/documents/home_faqs.pdf

6. Is there a difference between a building inspection vs. a home inspection?
Yes, building inspectors deal with and ensure buildings and homes meet building codes and home inspectors make visual inspection of homes to provide a written professional opinion of the condition of the home.
Home Inspection is it own profession and anyone holding them self out to the public as a home inspector will require a license. This will include Building inspectors, contractors, architects and engineers. **All of these professions may inspect components of a home **within the scope of their license but they cannot call or represent themselves as a home inspector. They are similar but different profession.

Hes a building inspector doing an inspection of a building? or a residential single family home?

There is a difference between commercial and residential building inspection but not between residential building inspection and home inspection.

In Illinois, and I’m sure most licensed states, the only report that can be legally used to negotiate a real estate contract offer when buying a residential property of 4-units or less must be done by a licensed home inspector.

In ten years, I never saw him doing anything but home inspections on single family homes.

Home Gauge list him as a home inspector:)

After a few hundred home inspections, I’m sure someone will complain.

When I was in St. Louis, I had friend whose kid wanted me to do his Illinois home inspection. I declined since I did not bother with an Illinois license. His agent called me to tell me it was “okay” since he would just have “his home inspector” sign off on my report. He told me that he does this “all the time”.

I thanked him, anyway, and declined.

I know you’ve told that story a 100 times, apparenlty you did a few. It’s still illegal.

Actually very hard to believe, a home inspector signing off on another’s report? :roll:

Used house salesmen will do anything to sell a house and many inspectors will do anything to endear themselves to them. I’m surprised that this would be hard for anyone to believe.

Doug we talking about ML?

You could do home inspections with whatever license you wanted up until July 2010.

Or none at all.

He has a license called “standard Inspector”. What that is, I have no idea. What Doug is saying he never did CODE inspections always “Home Inspections”

Not to speak for Doug…But I think that is what he means.

Sorry but in this state your wrong. As of July 1, 2010 you needed a “Home Inspection” license to do home inspections. A building inspection, residential or commercial, in this state is a code inspection. Even “building inspectors” need a Home inspection license to do home inspections. as of July 1, 2011 DBPR is supposed to be enforcing this! Some are confused because the grand fathering was extended for contractors but they still need the license before they can legally do home inspections.

I was not taking into consideration dumb laws but actually answering the question with a fact instead.

If you do one you can do the other ,and just like with the act of inspection I do not study up local codes as a matter of regular practice.:slight_smile:

The same holds true in every state where inspectors are licensed. Code enforcers are only exempt from the home inspection license requirement when acting in their official capacity. The two inspections are separate and distinct and each disavow the standards of the other.

But in Florida a state licensed building inspector can be grandfathered as a licensed home inspector until July1 2012.

So the home inspections done this week without a Home Inspector License is OK?

Don’t see the point?

8 am time to hit the road, everyone have a good day
I’ll say hi to the unlicensed Home Inspector for ya when I see him.

Doug has a valid point. They can be grandfathered, but they still need a license. How did they provide the client with a license BEFORE the inspection took place. Isn’t that the law?

He will get caught. Naples is not the place to play games. It’s only a matter of time.

No, it’s not OK.
Just because grandfathering is open it does not give them the ability to perform the inspections. It gives them the ability to obtain the proper license with out taking the classes etc. that are required for “initial licensure”, THEN they can do the inspections.

Until they acquire the license they are inspecting with out a license. I would argue that they should be among the first to be held accountable.
They are braking the laws of the government they work for/under.

Larry it will go on and on. I know the guy (of him) and he has been inspecting for years. Wonder why he never got his license? Am I to turn him in? Just not that kinda guy myself.

Look at the business handymen take away from contractors. Here handyman damn near do full additions! They should have a sting operation on these guys.

I am just no the turn a guy in kinda person. Like I said in Naples it will catch up with him. Trust me…

I want to do the sting thing. Just call me John Quinones I know that must be spelled wrong but I want the gig :slight_smile:

It would be so easy to nail them by the hundreds. I could set them up and bust them all. I would never run out of ideas or professions to go after.

Just like the to catch a predator stuff except I would not be saving lives. No disrespect intended to the great work people are doing to catch scumbags hurting kids. They ought to just shoot those people when they catch them :slight_smile: right there and then maybe that would get the point across :slight_smile: