Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada ,

Enjoy Your Turkey .

**15 Reasons Why We Think Thanksgiving Is The Best**   

** You might love Christmas, you could be all about Canada Day, but it’s hard to argue that Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all.**
Consider this:
You get a guaranteed long weekend (unlike those B.S. middle of the week holidays)

Plus, it always feel like it comes out of nowhere, which is the best way for a long weekend to arrive

** [size=3]All he best Enjoy… Char and Roy **[/size]

Right you are Roy!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and to all the InterNACHI people across Canada!



Cheers :mrgreen:

Happy Thanksgiving Canada . Just think snow will be coming


60° f and sunny now heading for 65°f today

LOL Very soon Roy Very soon . Have good turkey day

We are lucky in our area many winters do not get enough snow in my area to run a snow machine .
About 1!2 mile from lake Ontario and its warm water .
We still are getting about 1 quart of Raspberries a day from a very small patch

My daughter lives in Lindsay said it was -3 C the other day but in the high 50 today . got to love The Canadian weather . I predict snow flurries before Halloween .lol

I cheated…in Vegas for the Conference, LOL

Glad for you,
enjoy I went to many and learned from every one.
Great to get to talk to other inspectors .
All the best… Roy

I cheated too, 87 degrees here today…94 forecasted for tomorrow!

Great glad for you guys , … Roy