I wish you all A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. I have truly met some incredible friends on this message board…

happy thanksgiving

I will be happy if I get sleep tonight.
2 Vicodin, 2 aspirin ,Bacardi and still screaming from toothache last night with 3 hours sleep before the inspection.

Happy Thanksgiving to all however and please drive careful .

Sorry Bob

Same here! Thank you all! Have a great holiday!!!

Thanks ,inspection went fine as the endorphens kicked in for the 5 hours I was there but soon as I left (ouch) and had to hit a CVS for emergency Ora gel.

My fault for slacking on the appointment.:slight_smile:

Happy Thanksgiving.

Five hour inspection!? Nice!

I see by your post time you did not get lots of sleep. I hope you have a better day.

Best wishes to all.

Be safe if you are frying that bird.

Only in Florida[ATTACH]40386


You too.
Got about 5 hours .
Place had past admitted past water issues so the detective head kicked in.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow inspectors and their families !

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to All!!!

\:D/Feliz dia de Accion de Gracias a todos!!! Had a wonderful thanksgiving day as well as a magnificent party with family a friends. Got up this morning and God bless me with a $925.00 inspection for today!! Nice 2.5 hours field work and two hours for the report. Next week vacationing in Puerto Rico for two weeks! I thank InterNachi for been the greatest Home Inspection Association of all times. WOW! “The call me right away” works like a charm!\:D/

That’s one sexy… bird! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy belated Thanks Giving to all… :wink:

I think he wants you to give it to me for my root canal.:slight_smile: