Hey Florida members: I'm sending you all something in the mail (USPS) tomorrow.


what is it please I hate surprises lol

Wo hooo we get something :slight_smile: I like somethings.

Michael why didn’t you call me when you are in north Florida?I will set you up with a couple of these nice red headed hoochie mamas up this way

Yeah! :smiley: I love packages. Is it BIG!

Thanks Nick, can’t wait to see what it is :smiley:

Thanks Nick

Thank you Nick! If anyone gets a sneak peak… let us know :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, Nick!

That’s why :smiley: I do not need a divorce.

I was just up and back. like 10.5 hrs of driving for a 25 minute meeting but is was worth it. I will be in Jacksonville the first of the Month till that Wednesday night when I will head to Daytona for a day, then home on Friday.

Thanks Nick

Anyone get it yet?


Nope just a news letter type of envelope.

It should be packed with Florida-specific information.

Also… reminder… Come to Inspection Universe in Orlando for free. I’m paying for your admission: https://www.nachi.org/forum/f32/free-admission-inspection-universe-just-bought-100-tickets-wants-go-108284/

Not yet :frowning:

Just a bunch of NACHI marketing stuff again…

Marketing is what makes you money. What would you have rather we sent? Was there really nothing about education in the pack?

I love to make money, checked the mail today still haven’t received it.

Thanks Nick!