The biggest problem for this industry is Main Home Inspection Pricing!

That is not my experience. TT is great if you can respond to the client while they’re still at their computer or sitting there looking at their phone. I have an 82% success rate when I respond within 2-3 minutes, 0% if my response is 4 hours after they posted. And it’s my price, which is $800-ish. But I also do commercial inspections almost exclusively, and only look for 2-3 home inspections a week April
thru November. I’m not relying on TT to fill the whole week, week after week.

You’re doing this all wrong if you’re competing with a guy who does a commercial report for $500. You’re fighting in the gutter at the base of the curb. Get up on the grass. There are better clients up here that understand a $500 report is worthless.


Even when I reply quicker and give discounts, the shoppers go to someone else because of the lower price, so either I keep dropping prices or get zero jobs from TT. I know everyone that’s been in the business for awhile keep saying to not play their game but it’s either that or sit at home.

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David the trick is convincing them they are going to get what they pay for and most important deliver on it. Be more expensive and convince them to pay more. Is $200 more worth spending as long as it takes to complete a proper home inspection?

When you can convince the cheapest penny pincher you have succeeded and will deliver a proper inspection.

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I think this has probably been covered in the thread but wanted to reiterate. When I was working for a Geotechnical Engineering Company my company had trended toward the do more projects for less mentality. It wasn't until one of the Principals got sick of that and talked about how we had become Walmart in our market. That conversation always sticks in my mind when I price out an inspection Fee, do I want my business model to be a Walmart or do I want to be say Ferrari? Two different but successful companies. But I'd rather model my services after more per inspection with fewer inspections. Its simple Math when you factor in Expenses and Time. Time with my family is way more important than performing 3 or more inspections in a day.


Exactly! Work smarter, not harder!!

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Having done this for a long time one thing is for sure that as long as the profession is dominated by independent home inspectors working for themselves prices will remain low. Corporate owned inspection monopolies will one day drive out the independent operators and prices will then rise to cover the high salaries corporate CEO’s demand, but until that happens people like me will continue to take down enough money to live well while cherry picking jobs. Add that to my SS and I live like a king.

I always say you don’t know the back story of the other inspectors. I see a lot of people posting on other sites “Do you think I can do this part time” or “I only want to work nights and weekends”. You really don’t know perhaps they are retired and do this to keep busy or they have a spouse that brings in a good salary. I will say that the general approach for new inspectors is to keep lowering the price until they are getting jobs. Most new or up and coming inspectors like to highlight their experience as a reason why they would be a good inspector almost none of them talk about their business skills or their business plan if they even have one. The established and experienced inspectors know that you don’t want the price shoppers as they seem to be more trouble than they are worth.

We do what we do with what we get handed to us. Did one last week that I was trying to figure out how to get a bulldozer into the house with out destroying the exterior. The end of this week I spent 2 hours in a home and had to actually search for something more wrong that the lack of hand rails leading up to the second floor.

this guy is ridiculous