The Cap and Trade...

For all of who love the current administration and support the “Cap and Trade” bill…

[FONT=Verdana]The first paragraph–final sentence–should make you as sick as the rest of us.[/FONT]

I’m glad I have retired, but those of you who make a living–put food on the table, pay your bills–at home inspection will have to learn a whole new phrase…

“Would you like fries with that order?”

Government agent does not mean “licensed inspector”…

One requiring you if you are a home seller to have the home inspected by a government agent and brought up to codes that the "liberals want….prior to being able to sell your home."


Jae, do you have a link to the part of the bill that states this?

I’ll see if we can go back and find it–it’s around page 55 to 60, as I recall. Everything that we’ve covered is in quite a disarray–but we’re very neat about the unread part. I’ll post it as soon as I can find it.

I am now informed that that is referenced in the main portion of the bill–the first 1000 pages. Michelle Malkin, or a respondent, also referred to this sentence in a blog about Tea Party activities.

I’m going to post the link in a few minutes–as soon as it comes to me.

Not handy. Seems this came in from “oldgloryradio” (the link in post #1). They found it somehow and are supposed to elucidate in the days to come.

I don’t think they would post that if they hadn’t seen it with their very own eyebones.

It’s kind of a madhouse here right now–everything coming along the wires from everywhere.

Have any of you guys actually read the International Building Code?

Read Section 110 of the 2006 version.

Many municipalities are in various stages of implementation.

After hours of trying to comprehend these amendments, it became apparent that much of the 300+ pages consists of “strike (blah, blah, blah) paragraph from the original bill, and replace it with (yadda, yadda, yadda)”. There is no possible way any of those Congressturds (including Boehner) could have read the amendments, compared back and forth with the original bill, and understood any of what they had read in that short period of time.

You seem to have a hard time with Mr. Boehner Jae…

When I heard him yesterday he seemed credible but I would not doubt it was his staff that read the bill and provided him with his “highlights”

Frankly I don’t trust any politician anymore.

We could have 536 HIs from various political stripes do a better job of running this country. We need people who see things as they are and act accordingly more than a bunch of liars, crooks, and idiots whose sole purpose is to get re-elected.

But because that is unlikely to happen I encourage everyone to work against every incumbent in the next election cycle. they all need to find another job and it’s up to us to make sure that happens.

Your admission that John McCain and Sarah Palin are unfit for re-election to their present offices is hardly consistent with your previous claim that they WERE fit for the highest office in the land.

While I do not disagree with your dissatisfaction for incumbents, I do not agree with your suggestion that their inabilities qualify them for promotion.

As to what has been posted regarding this legislation…it is right out of the International Business Code…Section 110. It is not a commie plot.

At least I had enough brains to vote for someone other than Obama .

How about you?:roll::roll:

Conservatives are now operating from an even weaker position that had John McCain and Palin succeeded.
That IMHO is dangerous for this country.

What does the International **Building **Code Section 110 have to do with this and why should this provision be adopted?

Or are you just fine with the a government requirement to have a government official inspect your home before selling it?


Have you read IBC Section 110? It has been in effect in many US cities for years.

Read it, and you will see the silliness behind this recent waive of paranoia…

You did not answer the question.:roll:

By increasing your knowledge and studying the source of the building codes you often refer to and cite…your question will be answered.

What does Jae’s post have to do with CO?

As you may recall I questioned this in post #3

Read IBC 2006 or IRC 2006, either one (they are the same), Section 110.

Then, read your statement: **One requiring you if you are a home seller to have the home inspected by a government agent and brought up to codes that the “liberals want….prior to being able to sell your home.”


**You’ll see the humor.

The stated “requirement” may not be true which is why I asked Jae chapter and verse from the actual bill. With out that I have no opinion.

The larger issue is what business of the fed is it to enforce building codes period.

Please show me where that is in the constitution.:roll:

I live in a county whose citizens have no building codes. Contractors are literally crawling over each other, thriving at the expense of the poor citizen who is unaware that standards even exist.

Collar ties and trusses are removed to make room for heating and air conditioning units.

Restaurants are built with no ventilation and 100% recycled air…drawn from the restrooms and circulated throughout the dining areas.

Public buildings are wrapped on the outside with indoor romex…held together by the dangling receptacles…to light up the business signs inviting hundreds to enter their buildings that have no lighted exit signs, no panic bars on the exit doors that do not swing in the direction of egress, and that were wired by their brother-in-law without an inspection.

The builders and the real estate salesmen…arguing the need to keep building costs down so that homes can remain affordable…have convinced these poor bumpkins that building codes are for the rich and were developed by foreign countries (referring to the “International” in the IRC) who want to take over their rights to live like Americans.

What right would a federal government have to step in and provide codes where they otherwise do not exist? The same right that a federal agent has to stop a crime that he sees in progress…the right that a doctor in a VA hospital has to save a life…the right and the duty to protect the public where the states have failed to do so.

And it is all in the same IRC 2006 that you want to use to force a citizen to rewire his 2-wire house.

I made no such statement. Perhaps you are confusing me with someone else.:roll:

Building codes are fine but if no government adopted them you can bet the insurer’s would.

And that IMHO is the way it should be.