The ESOP ?????

Lets just say Raymond was wrong with Posting a letter he received
from Joe Farsetta.
Well they sure showed him how he can not do this on the NACHI site .
He was removed and who has suffered the most.

The NACHI members who got lots of help from the established Home Inspectors.

We seem to have many who are not post much or at all.
I joined in Aug 2003 and Raymond shortly after.
Raymond was a huge help to getting NACHI established in Canada .
He helped to organize at the first two NACHI meetings in Canada.
When NACHI had the First Canadian conference in Toronto there was help needed and along comes Raymond .
The sweat was running of our noses for a while there.

Raymond sure did a lot for NACHI Canada.

I see all of Raymond’s Post’s have been removed so the Information we where fortunate to have him give us is gone for ever.
This sure hurts to see him join that group who have helped so many
who now seldom share their wisdom with our NACHI members.
( it is steadily growing)

The strange thing is others like me who have done the same thing are not punished and there are many.

I am so glad we have the ESOP looking out for all of us.

Roy this is no longer about me and what the ESOP did, but this is the current issue…

What can you tell us about this?

Please post your answers on this thread

Canadian government recognizes CMI. Thank you Roy Cooke!

Ray are you seeking to return? If so I will argue on your behalf. I’m sure ESOP knows that this is within my rights to do. What say ye?

Nick, I think he is contemplating that issue. :wink:


NACHI is no longer worthy of my time, my assistance, nor my goodwill. You have a tendency to use people then discard them once you have gotten what you need. You have manipulated the ESOP and they in kind have assisted you. Now the question is just how long do you plan on using the current crop of ESOP members until like Stalin you do them in?

Argue on my behalf with the ESOP as your right? You just got through telling us a month ago you were at arms length from the ESOP!

We are stronger with him than without.

Not my business to discuss this. Roy

(“I amRepresentative for Service: A person or firm to whom the Office will send all correspondence with the same effect as having sent the correspondence to the owner. An owner who has no Canadian address is required to have a representative for service.”)

and will say nothing else about it Thanks …Roy

Nick this would be the greatest thing to happen to NACHI but I do not think you I and a bunch more pleading would ever bring Raymond back.
He is a man of principles and I am so glad to have him as a friend.
It is unfortunate things happened like they Did .
I most certainly hope it never happens to any other NACHI member .
Fair treatment for all no exceptions.


Nick is misrepresenting what he was granted by the Canadian Federal Government are you aware of the fact he is misrepresenting what you help him get? I think Nick is taking advantage of you too. You would be well advised to dump your loyalties - Nick is no friend of yours either.

Sorry to deliver the truth Roy, but you must make a decision based on trust. Can you trust Nick to do the right thing? Can you trust Nick when he tells you that he is helping you?

Like you Ray I am a free thinker and always say and do what I feel is correct.

Thanks for your concerns…Roy



Yes, Thanks Roy. Nick is a fine person. He takes the time to shake every inspectors hand at any appearance he makes.

Worth repeating!


Joe what is the thanks for my #1,#7 or #9 post or all three.
Number one is the most important.


I know Raymond is your friend brother, but in all honesty you have to let it go. Yes, Ray was very helpful, key word “was”. Have you read his posts lately? IMHO The rants and attacks from Ray have overshadowed any and all good he has done in the past, to me this is a flaw in character. Just read his response to Nick post # 5. Don’t do this Roy, we don’t need to go through it again.

Dang, I just finished page 147 of my amicus brief! :stuck_out_tongue:

Now in all seriousness, I would have argued a plea on your behalf had you wanted me to. So be it and thanks for putting this matter to rest once and for all.

Why is it the four most vindictive fowl mouthed members who love to attack others and make the most mean posts are all members of the same group.
My opinion is they are , James H. Bushart ,Frank Carrio ,Joe Farsetta ,
Mario A. Kyriacou , .
Strange how the cream does rise to the top.
In this case it looks like sour cream to me.

Thanks for calling it like it is, Roy! The last name just recently became a case of “Jekyll and Hyde”…is it “the committee” that can change someone so drastically?

You are both a couple of a-holes.

And that is exactly what I was talking about! well said Joe thanks for the confirming.
Unfortunately for you I caught this before you could change it like you do so frequently on many of your post’s.
Nice to see how a person who has so much power can not control his emotions.
That is just what you did with Ray lost your cool and removed him in about Four hours and did untold damage to the NACHI membership.
Joe the best thing you could do for the future of NACHI is to remove every ESOP member then Resign.
Your type is no asset to Our Bulletin Board.
WE have many great home inspectors who no longer post and many who are no longer NACHI members because of the way some of your members have treated them.

Roy shared with me over the phone some of the comments sent to him via private email from some of the people named above. My GOD I couldn’t believe the tone, the intimidation and the language of some of those emails!

Shame on so called professionals! It just reinforces the fact that the ESOP under Nicks direction are nothing but a Goon squad assisting in defrauding the flock, no bylaws, no rules, who can we screw today and get away with it mentality?