The ESOP ?????

This is good news.

Since his expulsion, the only complaints that have been presented regarding him are related to the decision to allow him to continue to pollute the message board.

I hope that since the matter is at rest, you will join those of us who simply refuse to exchange posts with him. Engaging him encourages him to remain.

You may wish to read the threads he has posted on at inspectionnews where those people have virtually ignored him and observe how his posts have become more and more infrequent, there.

If we all “put this matter to rest” as you have, I think the message board will be able to cleanse itself from this trash.

Good Morning Roy!

  • Vindictive> NO
  • Foul Mouth. YES
  • Attacks Members>NO
  • Mean>NO
  • ESOP Committee Member>YES
    *]Proud of all the ABOVE>YES
    I guess you don’t know me as well as you think!


I am still posting on Inspection News, and many others are also posting their disgust with you and NACHI! Don’t forget that you hacked the Inspection News Forum as you did ASHI. According to Joe F. thats hacking and an federal offence, but I guess that if you do it its the ole double standard eh?

I guess I get different letters then you do .
But you have my vote on getting rid of the trash.
This is exactly what I hope happens and soon as the "Trash " your words
has caused NACHI to have many the better Inspectors to seldom post and some are no longer NACHI members.
NACHI does not need this to continue .
You could show others how to do it by resigning!
Soon I hope .

This is latest of many post’s I have received two words say so much

Subject: Love it!

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Re: The ESOP ???
Why is it the four most vindictive fowl mouthed members who love to attack others and make the most mean posts are all members of the same group.
My opinion is they are , [FONT=Arial]James H. Bushart ,Frank Carrio ,Joe Farsetta ,
Mario A. Kyriacou , .
[size=4]Strange how the cream does rise to the top.
In this case it looks like sour cream to me.


Sorry Mario your post’s instantly changed when you became a member of ESOP.
I got a letter from a very long time member who was surprised to see your attitude suddenly seemed so different .

Speaking of setting an example, I hope that when I am as old as you I don’t decide to waste what little time in the world that I may have left on such meaningless endeavors and such bitterness.

Remember the last time you started a thread like this, and the members turned against you instead of joining you in your obsession? You couldn’t post anything for a week.

As Nick has said, the matter is at rest. It’s over. Let it go.


Let’s not forget the slanderous comments you made about me. In addition to them, when I pointed out the flaw in your posts, you intensified the attack. Not smart. I also asked you to quantify your comment yesterday where you stated that NACHI and CMI were fraudulent.


Your babble has marginalized your effectiveness as a mentor to many. Your babble does nothing for your status. Keep babbling.

ESOP is a well functioning committee that is both fair and balanced. It is also not above reversing its decisions, and has done so when members have adjusted their behavior, have admitted they were wrong, and had promised to not do it again.

Has any of that happened in this case? You tell me. Ray continues to post ad-nauseum on the subject, which will ultimately change nothing. You are running neck-and-neck with him. But then again, its the Ray and Roy show all over again.

What James has stated is true. The e-mails and PMs I receive support the Committee’s decision and speed. The latest coments are that I have the patience of a saint. Tese are coming from many well respected members of this organization.

Disband the ESOP and resign over the two of you? I dont think so. You are acting like a child who is stamping his feet.

One thing is absolute, though. Many have truly opened their eyes to your behavior in all of this. It is nothing short of astounding.

Get a life, will you?


NACHI is a scam as is CMI! The ESOP is a scam! You are a scam Joe! Don’t forget the unfounded erroneous comments you made about me Joe!


You are a non-issue here at NACHI. Your opinion(s) on internal matters are meaningless,but I would like to thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to help out here! :shock:

Please elaborate.

Please elaborate on the erroneous comments I made about you, Ray. It seems that your comment regarding NACHI and CMI support my initial impressions. Tell me how any comment I made, through all of this, could parallel your slander.

Come on, genuis. I’m waiting.


Are we having fun yet? :wink:


I can publish your email you sent me if that helps!

How about you Joe put up a simple pole asking the members are they Pleased with the ESOP.
Or Should there be changes Made at the ESOP.
Make sure you set the pole so names are not recorded.
Now Joe is you Chance to see how well the Membership Loves the ESOP .

Your welcome!! But don’t forget that this is a public board. Was talking yesterday with a few folks about directing others to the pertinent sections of the boards…especially realtors.

There’s a difference between an e-mail string initiated by your buddy TO me, where you were copied in BY HIM, and a public message board. I guess you cant figure that out, though.

Regarding that particular e-mail; please tell me how I slandered you. Remember, I was responding to YOU, Ray. You and Roy started the e-mail thread.

I’m still waiting.


You still dont get it, do you. A poll will not represent the bulk of the NACHI membership.

If a poll were taken, I wonder how many NACHI members would support YOUR actions and “contributions” to this mess. As to Ray’s behavior, it goes without saying.


You figure it out, you are the expert, or so you tell us! You have a good teacher though because Nick is a good role model for you!


Please respond to my request.

I’m waiting.

Unfortunately this is exactly what we are talking about .
If some thing is wrong why should we not listen to whom ever shows us ways to improve our selves .
Members or possible new members all some times have great ideas and we should listen to all.
We at NACHI have lost too many great people who no longer give us much help it does not help us to belittle those who we all need .


Thanks Joe that is exactly what I expected I Have to go to work .
Too bad you can not see how we are loosing the experienced posters .
They are the future of great Home inspectors