The Inspection Boys - New Franchise Opportunity

First of all let me say a huge thank you to Nick for helping us out with lots of info, details and ideas to launch our new franchise company.

I know what you’re thinking, another franchise company? well this is different! In short. This will be your lowest investment in a inspection company ever, lowest overhead, lowest royalty structure and the LARGEST territory sizes.

If you’re an inspector that has the itch to work for yourself and develop a great company, this is one of the better opportunities you will ever have. you will align yourself with a company and corporate that will treat you with respect, has already huge success in the franchise industry, and will bend over backwards to make you a success.

reach out to me 800.819.4403 Ext 101

P.S. when responding please take the poll

I have been a previous Franchise Owner (HouseMaster / and an Independent Owner (Main Line Inspections, Inc, / ).

I wish you much success…

Since I am an “Inspection Girl” , lol, I guess this is not for me.

Yea unusual name.


We are men and women here …Not boys or girls.

That’s a big miss on the name selection. My wife is a CFE and social media consultant. I think she would have told you you’re cutting out a big piece of your potential market. Good luck with it.

Im the proud owner of an Inspections Boys in New York. Im very excited and pleased with everything the franchise was offering me. On the name the feedback has been great. Leo owns another Franchise The Patch Boys. It has multiple women owners(they understand its a catchy name that everyone remembers). They were one of yhe fastest growing franchises in 2016. I have total faith in his leadership. May 1st is my day I officially change everything over and i couldnt be more excited.

Thank you but we also have a successful company called The Patch Boys with 26 % women franchise ownership (and all very happy), so don’t let that get in the way LOLOL

Thank you so Much, Matt. Its a pleasure to have you on board and we will soon be a name that everyone loves. Member, lowest start-up cost, lowest royalty program, largest territory sizes, and humbly the best corporate support you can get :slight_smile:

Thank you and i will respectfully disagree, i own a very successful franchise company The Patch Boys with 26% female franchise ownership. there is also the Prep boys and multiple other with huge female ownership, but appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

The absolute best Inspector and the 1st Inspector that I ever hired (17 years ago) was a woman.
She had a background in structural construction and worked for her Dad as a CSIA Chimney Inspector.
She also worked in Atlanta, Georgia for Habitat for Humanity as a Building Inspector.
She along with her husband now operate a Chimney Company in PA.
They do awesome work.

I wish The Inspection Boys had been around back when I started in this business over 25 years ago. Lot’s of mistakes could have been avoided and success could have come allot quicker .