The inspection business

I’m a student status InterNACHI member. I’m just learnin the ropes. I just got ‘ahold’ of a report by one of the busier inspectors in our little area. His wife says he does 3 reports a day 6 days a week. Some are commercial, pest, & radon, but that seems like alot to get done weekly.
He charged $230.00 for a “Home Gauge” report using 3-columns, a few pictures of problems only,----a little hard to read through, and only19 printed pages. :o:shock:
He charged $50.00 for pest–a one page,-- blanks-to-check inspection report.

What do you think about the pricing? He’s a NAHI guy probably the go-to-guy in our area for at least one up and coming real estate group here in Erie PA.
I’ve done residential remodeling in this area for 20 years, (Lima OH for 18 years before that) and I didn’t worry much about being the lowest bid, if people wanted me to do work for them it was because of word-of-mouth-personal recommendations. In this new endeavor I think I’ve got to take into consideration a going rate that this inspector seems to be able to consistantly generate. Any thoughts???

WE all have them some more then Others .
I tend to ignore them and do a proper inspection .
If some one asks about XXX charging so little I just say I guess he is charging what he feels he is worth .

Most people no matter the length of the report, it matters not. It is the content of the report that is ALL that matters. Do not look at price, do not look at length. My best opinion would be to do market research at the cost of about $300. If this is the “go to” guy, have him do an inspection on your house and then you do one and then compare.

$1,000 for 150 pages of BS and innacurate finding is not worth $2.

But a $100 report written properly and accurately can be worth thousands…

What you are being told is BS.
Erie County PA had approximately 2000 homes sold last year.
(factoring that 70% are inspected that leaves a potential market of just over 1400 homes).

He is claiming that he inspected 936 homes last year.
With a 10 % market share he would have inspected approx. 200 …
No way…

If a business had the market share that he is suggesting, the pricing model would not be comparable to the “Dollar Store” mentality that is being projected…

Good advice so far…You need to sit down and first figure out how much it is going to cost you to produce your report. That includes the entire cost of “doing business”; insurance, gasoline, software, hardware, personal insurance, accident insurance (if you get hurt you are out of business), overhead expenses, operating expenses, training expenses, etc, etc. I guarantee you it is way more than you realize. You need to figure in your “profit”, otherwise it is not a profession it is a hobby. DO NOT limit yourself by what anyone else is charging. Set your prices on what you believe your time, experience and report is worth. You have to be able to sell yourself to the potential customer. Why should they hire you over the “go to” guy. He may be a great inspector but he also may be the one who does not create problems for the agents thus the reputation. Many guys who have done this for decades may not do an inspection every day but they charge enough and provide the kind of inspection their customers brag about. How much money and headache can you save your customer? Don’t sell yourself short and don’t sell your customer short. Promise them a good thorough informative yet easy to understand report (with photos) and then over deliver. Give them more than they expect.

Three Reports a day for 6 days a week?!? He’s either sleep deprived or he’s not doing a thorough Home Inspection. I’ve found that it’s best to take the time to do a proper job and don’t cut corners. I charge $325 for a standard inspection and have put all my competitors out of business. It takes me about 3 to 3 1/2 hours for the Inspection and another 1 1/2 to 2 hours to write the Report. I inspect everything and everywhere my body will fit (and be able to get out of later :slight_smile: ) and can’t afford to miss anything.

Thanks to you’all, I’m pickin-up a similar vibe. It helps to hear some collective thought. I appreciate it

Thanks Roy I put your number in my phone

Gary, I’m in Spfld Il. I have been full time since 2004. I have found that Realtors are not in the business to provide there clients with a thorough home inspection. They are in business to get to closing and collect that commision check. The go to guys here do most of the business. I have seen there reports and know why they get the business they do. I will not go there. I use 3-D software and my reports are very detailed. This has limited my business big time. I had one of the go to guys ask me to come work for him but I could not do it, though it would have increased my income. I would of had to change the way I report, and I couldn’t do that and sleep at night. Good luck to you. Stan