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I just got a call from a potential client ,who wants me to inspect a property he is looking at. It is an old restaraunt,with no power or water.It has a 3,000 sq.ft. apt. beside it.The main building is 150 x 148.,with alot of open dining areas,and two kitchens.How the h#ll does one price a job like this? :shock:

Ask Gerry

I typically get $300.00 for the first hour which includes travel time. $100.00 an hour over the first hour, including report writing time.

I’d recommend about basing it on the time it would take for you to inspect it and write up the report, and be sure to base your quote on commercial rather than residential hourly rates, since your liability is higher on a commercial transaction.

My two cents (just in case Gerry doesn’t respond)…

Thanks for the input. I did call the client up and explained to him some of the circumstances involved in inspecting commercial properties. He did let me know that he knew it would be difficult to give pricing without looking at the structure. I gave him a ball park,and he was satisfied. There were some factors in that inspection that would make the price fluctuate a little. It is an 80 yr old building with problems. I told him that I would bring in a commercial electrician,and a roofer to inspect the roof. All in all ,I think that the inspection will take 2 days from the time I start,until the time I furnish him with a written and pictorial report. Thanks again,jc


Congratulations! One other thing as a reminder, keep an open eye for asbestos and other hazardous materials on the property.

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