The last of the Christmas party gifts were shipped this morning.

You should be getting them soon.

Nick, thank you and the whole gang for another great party. Your generosity knows no bounds.

Merry Christmas to everyone at InterNACHI!

I agree!
Nick it was a pleasure meeting you in the flesh @ the October’s NACHI convention, it’s evident that you care on the success of your fellow home inspections! Thank you!!

Thank you Nick (Santa). Merry Christmas to you and the gang.

Wow i been waiting for my new truck Nick I cant Wait. when did you ship it again? lol

I got everything except the pic of Wayne Wilson in a speedo. Is Wayne sending that direct?

Recieved my package yesterday.

Thank you Nick
Happy Holidays.

LOL you get that, when my new truck arrives :wink:

Thank everyone for doing it and getting them out so quickly!

Thank you Nick. Merry Christmas to you and your staff. You guys did a great job again this year. :smiley:

I recieved my package today from the X-Mas party. Holy Cow!
Was I surprised. Didn’t know I won so many prizes. Very nice stuff that I can use.
Thanks again for all you do Nachi.

Wow now i am worried , No truck yet , Nick just call the dealer and tell them to leave the Keys under the mat. I have to go out now

Thanks Nick and Staff, got mine today

Received mine today. Thanks to Nick and the Staff for a great time. Merry Christmas to you all.

Mine came in today too. Merry Christmas to all. Now I need to get back to the egg nog.

Got mine yesterday thanks a lot and Merry Christmas to everyone

Received mine on the 24th also.

Thanks Nick!! :smiley: