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About home sale prices
DataQuick provides the sales figures you’ll find here from official county records recorded 45 days ago. New sales records are added about twice a month, and there is approximately one year of data available to search.

This service is not meant to provide official comparable sales information. Please contact a real estate professional for the most current sales information in your neighborhood.
How are sale prices determined?
Under California law, home sales prices are not required to be made public. Dataquick determines the approximate selling price from the grant deed filed in county records. Using a calculation based on the property tax
** TAX x 100 ÷ .11 ]** Dataquick arrives at a figure which is close to the actual transaction price but may not always be exact.
Be aware…
Any lisings you encounter that appear unusually low-priced may actually reflect partial, rather that full, sale prices.

If you have other questions . . .
You can get answers at the Real Property Information Center at The Web site provides an extensive, easy-to-read tutorial on real property information: what it is, who records it, uses for homeowners and businesses, a complete explanation of sales comparables and how to read them, and a glossary of terms.
There’s even an e-mail Q&A for those difficult questions. Plus, the Real Property Information Center provides the latest press releases and observations from real estate analyst John Karevoll and many valuable links to other sites.