Tried this?

Hey, what a coincidence, there was just an article about this in my local paper this morn,was going to checkit out today

went there put my address in and it said they have no data for this area yet

Looks to me it’s about $100,000 off in this area ( lower )

They are 250K off (lower) in my area.

I saw this in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal and tried it out. I am in a less populated area of Western Massachusetts and it had a fair amount of info on my area. Could be useful in the future as more towns get their data on-line.

It is within $8-35K (plus or minus) for homes in the range near my home. More recent sales prices seem to be the ones that exceed the estimates, by larger numbers. So, apparantly, they need some tweaking of an algorithm or estimating feature or something.

All in all, that is a pretty acceptable ballpark for a free service and gives some good pricing points if you are considering selling. I have to think that appraisers will hate it…

Well according to that web site my house has not even been built yet.