The new Shingle Gauge 2-Piece Sets are out. Every inspector should have the set.

Shingle Gauge Set

Why? Is this service now part of the InterNachi SOP?

Since the average inspector performs 2.2 inspections per client, most services home inspectors provide are outside a residential SOP.

Shingle Gauges for Property Inspectors - InterNACHI

I still have the one I got from the Haag class I took. Not as nice as the Internachi set. Easy to do the wrong thing unless you know how to use them.

Do you provide this information in your (standard home inspection) report, or relay to the client in any way?

I just take a photo of it in use on the roof. The photo of the gauge speaks for itself.

Thanks but no thanks. Too risky IMO.

The image provides information to your client. If I was inspecting what everyone in the real estate transaction knew to be a 16 year old roof, my liability is dramatically reduced if my report shows an image that indicates it only had 20-year warranty shingles.

No I do not. That would be a separate inspection for a separate fee. I’ve noticed a trend for inspectors to do free thermal and other things. Not something I support. Giving away stuff is a sure fire way to keep prices low. Only multi inspector firms can give stuff away because they can pay their guys less.

Many of our members offer stand-alone roof certifications and need Shingle Gauges to do them.

That is an entirely seperate situation from…

Several of our local home inspectors are full time storm chasers for State Farm, Farmers, etc and do home inspections part time… Most of them use these like Nick said.

Nice tool

I agree.

Can’t do a roof cert without them.

I’ve been doing this for a very long time… many years without them.
How can they help me in determining the useful life of a shingle?
And I’m usually correct when I’m in the field…
Tried and proven.

Agreed !!! There is no reason to open the can of liability that this can cause. Not needed and not a good idea whatsoever.


Agreed. We already know if it’s a 15 or 20 year rated shingle roof usually by appearance AND my permit search that will tell me how old the roof is.

  1. Nick, Exactly what actual verifiable source did that number come from ?