The overzealous home inspector.

Home inspector can be weapon for buyer :twisted:

Just an Ignorant Real Estate Sales person whining because he has trouble closing some deals.

Perhaps his time would be better spent learning how to SELL…

Couldn’t have said it better. For such a short article, there were many errors.

The home inspector has always been a good weapon for the buyer if they will not allow their emotions to govern their home buying experience. The sellers and Realtors are just now realizing this with the current market; lots of houses on the market that should have been inspected “prior” to listing.

I have talked to Realtors for years about the advantages of this but they refuse to listen because in the past they didn’t have to. I had two pre-listing inspections in the past week and scheduled to do a third later in April. None of which were recommended or requested by Realtors, but by the sellers themselves. THAT is who you need to market to…the Sellers.

Wow! Sounds to me like another ignorant real estate agent PO’d over a deal that fell through :roll:.

Sorry Brian, I just pretty much copied what you wrote :mrgreen:. There were no replies when I started.

I agree Doug. I did a listing inspection yesterday for a for sale by owner; the first pre-listing inspection I’ve done in 6 months.

Also have one scheduled later this month I got after performing a buyer inspection for a client that now wants me to inspect their home before they put it on the market.

I hope the trend continues. :smiley:

Don’t be sorry Patrick…it turns out small minds think alike…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I do not think pre listing inspections will ever be a big part of Real Estate transactions…

The root of the problem as I see it, is the Real Estate SALES Person has no skills…

They no longer take their Job seriously enough to sharpen their Negotiating, Communication, and especially their Salesmanship Skills.

Many Real Estate Sales People want to stick a sign in the ground, forward the unread unedited Home Inspection report for repairs, get the contract signed and Cash the check…

They are the ones guilty for todays state of affairs due to their lack of understanding of what a Home Inspection really is, and their poor communication skills before and during the negotiating process with THEIR CLIENTS on what is important/reasonable with regards to current Market conditions on the transaction at hand…

Well said Brian.

Thanks for the subject matter. I will be discussing this in detail on KC radio station KCMO Talk Radio 710 this Sunday at Noon. I am tired of not getting any business, RE’s doing “checks” for free, and misinforming the public. They are in business for one reason only: to make money. This is how an RE is on the board here in Kansas, so they can soften the SOP’s, rules, regulations to get us to do only basic inspections, so as not to kill deals. You know the drill. I am not going to bend over.

I wasn’t thinking that…and I have a small mind.

A* very* small mind!

Do you think maybe there is too many of them?

How can a Real Estate professional do a FREE check? I thought Kansas had licensing. If this is the case then they are performing a service without a license. Isn’t that against the law? Even giving out advice beyond their scope…maybe I am wrong.

Agent’s are glorified used car salesman.


The issue they were making is that inspectors who are speculating about the service life of product as well as those who just don’t know how to convey their concerns (if even valid) in a factual manner.


I think it is a guy trying to get his name in the public eye. Most HI know how to Estimate the age of units , It is not a rocket science .
You are estimating . And giving a heads up that budgeting may be in Order . Protect the client . Some Realtors are like used car salesman .

IMHO, most realtors are like used car salespersons!!! I use the term “used house salespersons” more and more on a daily basis…getting more and more “yes” nods from folks I speak to!!

Realtors should not be allowed to recommend HI’s…it’s a conflict of interest!!!

I only have 3-4 realtors out of about 1,000 locally that recommend me…shows the personal integrity of the RE field…about ZIP! It’s all about the $$$$$$…integrity be da-mned!! But I do have some of these realtors that have used me for their own or family inspections or in one case, for their retirement home purchase!! Regular customers get the fluff inspectors.

Aside from obvious For Sale By Owner listings, how exactly would one go about marketing to Sellers if we have no idea who is in need of selling a home, listing a home, without the assistance of a Realty office.

maybe im not looking hard enough but the For Sale By Owner listings that I have located make marketing to the Seller rather difficult, the best option I have found thus far is driving around and going to the door of homes with signs in the front yard.

Anyone checking or inspecting up to two home components is exempt. If you do three, you have to be licensed. So, during Tuesday tour day, several RE’s can enter a home, some check electrical, some windows, etc. and leave the reports on the table. Free inspection courtesy of the commissioned used house sales people, and contractors doing free checks (and for a reason).