The perfect panel!

I did a condo inspection, today. Older (50+ years old) commercial warehouse converted to condos about 10 years ago.

It was, by far, the cleanest condo I have ever seen. The only defects could find was that the furnace filter was dirty (very dirty) and one bathtub spigot was not properl;y installed and sealed against water entering the tile.

But the biggest surprise was the pane. It was absolutely PERFECT!

Must have been done by some really anally retentive apprentice who was trying to such up to his foreman.

Gotta love it. I even commented to the client (joking) that he had just wasted $300. :mrgreen:

He still paid me, though :twisted:


Must have been a local 134 job.

Just to nit pick ,I like to see a main breaker on the sub panel anyway.(5 throws or not)
I notice the wall appears dry in the photo ,so just asking if you checked to see if the grout was sealed ? :slight_smile:

For a condo, it would not be a main, it would be a subsidiary disconnect. The main was at the meter box, in the hallway electrical room. 6 throw rule, and therefore not required, but nice to have, I agree.

And the grout was sealed. Finally, a builder who gets it.

Go figure :wink:

I still call it a main disconnect for the remote distribution panel.:)(not sure I can even pronounce subsidiary.

Glad to see you are still kicking ,as a few Inspectors have wondered where you went.

It’s even red, white and blue! :wink:

Why? :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t do it Jeff, he probably wants to see a GFCI outlet there too…:wink:

I think the “main” should be a gfi breaker. That would just about cover it all, wouldn’t it?

Just curious,but when you bought your car “Jeff”, did you tell them to take out the keyed ignition?

Someone said you like to open the hood and pull the ignition wires one at a time, instead.:slight_smile:

(insider joke)
Besides “Mike Merino” said so.:wink:

Bob, I’m assuming that “like to see….” and *required *are, in your opinion, two different things? You wouldn’t include “like to see…” in your report would you?

I’m not sure where you’re going with that Bob, but there is no reason to add an additional shut-off in that panel.

Oh sorry , I did not realize this was a report.](,)](,)](*,)

Never mind ,as you obviously forgot the great sub panel debate this winter.

Show me the thread. If was actually a “great debate,” I would probably remember. If it was more of “I think it’s safer and I don’t care about the code,” then it wasn’t a debate.

The argument was that not everything is code.
Post was from Mike Merino.

Must admit I am tired of code as defense argument.

problem is people dont understand that while the code should not be quoted…it should be understood in order to explain the minimum safety standards and to support recommendations you may have on addition enhancements. Are they simply to believe you??? or can you back it up with why the codes have changed type of support.

Never quote code…but understand that while codes have changed over the years their is a direct relationship to safety being figured in here. I ofcourse would like everyone to learn codes better…not to quote them but to have a professional conversation about the migration of codes as they pertain to safety issues with your clients…if not for anything else.

Too many people see someone saying CODE and they think " ok, here he goes again…quoting code"…but just maybe…just maybe we are showing a client WHY GFCI’s are required today and were not back in say 1962…Mr. Client I am recommending them because as you can see with the rapid changes in the code that even as a minimum safety standard they are required today…dont you want that added protection that is afforded newer homes today???

Yeah…I aint gonna quote code…but sure is nice to have a document that is supported world wide, ratified every few years and gives me a great reference document to convince my client why it is important when needed…not just to say…TRUST ME…I know whats best for you…honestly…

The Code debate versus safety is pointless…they BOTH are to safeguard the property and my client…let them work together if nothing more than for a needed reference for that stubborn client…:wink:



lol…so I clicked the link and went and added my VERBIAGE to the debate…lol…not that I read any debate but alas…everyone knows my opinion.

That wasn’t much of a debate in my book. That was inspectors trying to justify an unwarranted recommendation.