The Redcoats are coming...

It looks like we are going the way of the English, on the news yesterday, they said N.Y. will soon start charging cars $10 and trucks $21 a day to drive into Manhattan, just like they do in London now. First Cameras, now this. When they start calling the cops, Bobbies, hide your guns boys! They’ll be comin for em!

Well the only measure isn’t the loss of freedom, or invasion of privacy, but effect it all is right?

But back to the toll hike(yes it’s a new toll), NYC’ers were PO’d about the toll hikes recently on all bridges and tunnels. Newspapers screamed, everyone called Bloomburg’s Administration Incompetent. A few months later they impose the new ‘anti-grid-lock’ fee (Just another toll), and NYC’ers came out in droves supporting it.

A sows ear is now worth more than a silk purse, in NYC.


They supported the anti-gridlock fee because it didn’t affect them, but those evil people that live in NJ and commute to Manhatten! :roll:

They were only ticked when it affected their pocket. Who cares about the folks from Jersey! :mrgreen:

I have that t-shirt!