The time to renew your North Carolina home inspector license is here.

Dear Home Inspector,

The time to renew your Home Inspector License is here

  • From continual media advertisements we all know about the ED problem and in four hours needing to seek medical help or waiting until the time is right. Regrettably, we cannot help you with ED; however we can help you with CED - Continuing Education Deficiency. In addition to the NCHILB 4 Hour Update we have two excellent 4 hour courses that we guarantee will solve your CED problem and get you 'Functioning as Intended".*

The last day we can submit CEU’s to the NCHILB for license renewal is September 10, 2007. In addition to our other statewide seminars by popular demand we have added a seminar in Mooresville on July 13 & 14, 2007. For those of you in that geographical area we strongly suggest you register now. Because of the quality and participatory aspect of our CE Seminars we limit seating. We invite you to, “THE GREAT UNCROWDED”. If you wait until the last minute, and many of you do, you may find yourself unable to renew your license.

As usual we offer subject matter that stimulates and our seminars are never boring. We challenge ideas, not people and encourage discussion. Ask any of our regulars and they will tell you we make the most boring aspects of Home Inspection come alive with new insight.

For more information and to register please go to:](

Stay Healthy and Prosperous!


George J. Gioiella - Carolina Educational Seminars

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