The Typical Home Inspector

Now we know the rest of the story

The Typical Home Inspector:

is self employed

makes $76,000 per year - Yea Right, and what year will that be?

works 25 hours per week -****I want to work for this Home Inspector with these hours!

Does this sound like something
you’re interested in?

Where do I sign up???

76K and 25 hrs/week… I’m all over that!!! :p;):smiley:

I would laugh with you to on this, but I am laughing so hard my ribs are starting to hurt. This is why I have 8 new Hondros College Home Inspection grads in my town just this year. They are telling them this crap, and they are eatting it up hook line and sinker

Yeppers… sucker born every minute. Feeling your pain buddy.

:roll::roll:They are pumping them out in our area Jeff.

A new class starts every two months.

Why is it when I click on the photo - it links to AHIT?
Perhaps a subliminal message…

Yep, AHIT been flooding the market lately, more so than ever.

Sneaky are they not?

Hi Mark,

I know the frustration of new inspectors… heck…I’m one of the one’s training them.

Just to clear up a thing or two… On the Hondros site it states
Average income: $41,620

In other Hondros publications the number is that the top 10% make over 72,000

I am finding that more and more people can’t find work that are skilled in some sort of home repair/maintenance or skilled trade and are trying to fit into home inspections so they can work for themselves. The knowledge of the students has really increased this last year due to this.

I make sure I put realistic numbers in front of them… including how LITTLE money they will make if they are out there charging 200 for an inspection just to “get started”. They are surprised that they can’t pay the bills with that doing an inspection every day of the week. And only performing home inspections. Need multiple streams of income.

We all need to raise the price… just like the gas station collusion that is going on !!!

Good luck to all inspectors out there and have a happy and safe new year.

Rick, the problem is you can’t raise prices when the schools are throwing out numerous new home inspectors that charge bottom dollar. These schools are deteriorating our industry. I hate state licensing, but the one good thing is it does weed out people from these schools. In NC only 10% of applicants become home inspectors.

Maybe, some of us NACHI guys should start making a living teaching instead of inspecting. Problem is, the home inspector training industry will also be flooded soon with inspectors who can no longer inspect, due to the pricing and quantity of new inspectors. Kinda ironic isn’t it.

Wow, glad to know I am in the top 10%. Now if I can just get that 25/hr week thing down I’ll have it made.

The state of Illinois unemployment office is telling people to become home inspectors.
When they call I ask them why the want to be one, they say the guy at the unemployment office said it was easy and good money. ROTFLMAO

easy money for everyone

I like the disabled people who call and ask about being home inspector. They cannot stand long on their feet but the government tells them that they can be home inspectors. Sad but true.

Really, you have gotten a call like this??? wow

Yeah, never thought I was in the top 10% (I find that a bit disconcerting). People need to charge more, good inspectors are professional consultants, not trades people. Why would you want to do this only to earn less than an hourly wage worker?

That 25 hours/week is about right if you only count the time actually performing the inspections themselves and discount time spent on: report production, booking/scheduling, marketing, prep, etc.

Since starting my website SEO. I have been working 16 hours a day, literally.

It’s unfortunate these schools are selling dreams that are lies simply to keep their classrooms full & $$ in their pockets. Many hopeful & wanna be Inspectors dreams will be crushed when reality sets in for them.

I have even spoken several time in front of Job Point clients about what it takes to become a home inspector. Job Point arranges government funding to retrain disabled workers. Sad but true.

Dang it all! I figured to start a inspectors union and only have to work 10 out of those 25 hrs. Time for coffee yet?