Thermal imaging photos

Linus, 'Outside temperature was ‘50 degrees’ interior was heated to ‘70 degrees.’ The visible areas of attic were not insulated. ’

Appears he was within the threshold.

Linus, it appears you talk to Frank about people, and appliances, and give no REAL information as to Frank.
Is that all you do hear Linus?

Jim, thank you for the PDF. I was taken back between the thread and infrared used for energy loss. My mistake.

I did not see any mention of Frank inquiring about energy loss.
I personally thought he was referring to, does any think the contractor installed insulation in inaccessible spaces, stud bays. When performing infrared inspections to ‘detect energy loss,’ the temperature differences across the building envelope will be at least 10 C° (18 F°) between: The conditioned and unconditioned surfaces for at least three hours before performing conduction inspections.

By his readings the areas of concern met the minimum threshold with 2°’s to spare.

I have not looked into energy-loss using Infrared Tomography. Prior any home inspection I ask clients to ask the vendor for energy bill invoices over the last 2 years. I do not do energy audits.

See what I mean, Frank.
Again, Linus offers no useful information to you on the subject at hand.

May be if you go to the classifieds section. That’s were some cohorts and subordinates are gathered to offer disparaging remarks towards the opposite sex.
Look under, Used Dishwasher for Sale.

I personally saw no dishwasher and asked to have the thread removed.

Funny come to think of it. Like his posts here, meant to discredit a human being.
Too bad.
So, Sad.

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Let me post material from Infraspection educational material I obtained through Infraspection Institute - Standard for Infrared Inspection of Building Envelopes.

Course philosophy: There are no stupid questions.
Questions welcome at anytime.

Keep an Open Mind.

  • Applications and theory.

Hope that helps.

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I guess I should no better than argue with a person that knows such institutes.:roll:
As the old saying goes, ‘When you wrestle with a pig in the mud you get dirty while the pig enjoys it.’

Sorry for taking the thread to uncharted waters, Frank.
I hope you take Jim up on his offer.

If you want to be picky about who you get responses from, don’t hijack someone else’s thread, better yet, stay off the public forum altogether. Next time email the person you want to talk to directly, then you won’t have to worry about responses that you consider to be “unneeded/uncalled for”.

If you want personalized training, perhaps you should sign up for a class.

You might have fished with Jim, but his professionalism is quite different than yours.

As for your intentions, all too obvious.

Question. So how does PM’ing or emailing others help all the members here again? I did noit think helping was select. Hmm?

Maybe you should learn to help members instead of defending ‘sick individuals’, or at lest teach members how to adjustemissivity to 0.90 for Enamel: lacquer. I think that is what used dish washers outer surfaces are finished with.

From what I have learned, I think that is the intent of the InterNACHI MB, and through help, there was much to be discussed. This thread could have evolved as well as the participants.

Food for thought member of the year.

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“Outside temperature was 50 degrees interior was heated to 70 degrees. The visible areas of attic were not insulated.”

Parse the (3) pieces of information.

With the help of a professional, it took me minutes to retain my thoughts.

I am sure Frank, as well as anyone on this thread, is interested in learning Linas.
Frank, do not be afraid to ask questions. There are no wrong questions.
I will not be intimidated of the MB.

This is a true nutcase.

I did not post an image of a female amputee on crutches in the classified section of the InterNACHI MB titled ‘Used Dishwasher.’ Get some more help Linus.

I’ll post it here for you so you don’t have to go to the classifieds to get your rocks off.

How dare you speak with authority.
PLEASE go away & STOP the curse of misinformation you have instilled here.
Go where ever Cooke disappeared to (I heard it’s a nursing home).

It’s funny (not so) that this simple requirement has fallen by the wayside.

But the HI’s that think a Seek - Flir One is good choice of equipment for indirect measurements like this just want take thermal pictures for their report.

#1 you must use the correct equipment for the job.
#2 you must understand what your looking for.
#3 you must understand the component you are pointing the camera at.
#4 You must perceive the thermal characteristics occurring at the time you trip the shutter.

If you have taken any worthwhile IR Course, you will remember that all these things are covered “before” anyone talks about camera equipment or it’s operation.

Those of you that have not taken a course should never turn on an IR camera outside of your house.

I remember Keith Richardson (Lvl III Infraspection) discussing this Delta-T issue and providing a detailed example of how it works, back when John M was calling paint on a furnace flue a reflection rather than an emissivity anomaly. This was what all (most) of us were working on when we started. Not where we can get a $300 thermal device to stick on your phone.Were you not around then Robert?

This is the number one reason for the gross misinterpretation of thermal scans we see across the internet today. The camera can not do the job, it’s the operator that does the job. You don’t make $2k a day just for walking around with an expensive camera that makes pretty pictures.

As for “when” you do a job; I have several customer lists I keep for pending jobs. I schedule my jobs based upon the required standards for that job. When the correct weather/conditions are present I do the job. Sometimes this takes 6 months…
The report I am doing today had to be put off 4 weeks with the client chomping at the bit the whole time. Well the OA was 16F yesterday. The days before were in the high 60"s.
What is the wintertime setpoint in your house? You can not sustain 87F in someone’s house for 3 hrs. They will go nuts.

Which is exactly the point I was making. Which is why I said that if you want to be selective, you should do so in private communications. My response to your question was intended to provide useful information to all participants in the forum, as was my topical response to Frank’s similar thread regarding these same images You do not get to control who responds to your posts in the open forum, especially in someone else’s thread.

BTW: I strongly suggest that you not slander me here.

Chuck, as you well know, there are a hand full of level I, II or III thermographers at InterNACHI, to which I am not one of them.
You have all the educational certifications, Level III thermographer, to back you up, unlike myself. My posts #12, and #14 indicate as such transparently. I realize my infrared ‘educational’ limitations.

The OP posted, ‘Outside temperature was 50 degrees interior was heated to 70 degrees. The visible areas of attic were not insulated’ which allowed me to miss how and where was the temperature taken. As well as, how long had 70 F degrees been maintained.

Jim Seffrin was kind enough to answer on post #18. Requirements for infrared inspections of building envelopes may be found within the Standard for Infrared Inspections of Building Envelopes. My post# 18 thanked him. Looks like I understand my ‘educational’ limitations. So I am not here to argue with anyone on those points.

What I am pointing out, I am sure we can communicate with one another on a civil bases, as professionals, and give answers that will allow anyone considering the field of thermography a better understand an, an ‘appetite to learn.’
My mother always said, ‘You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

Now. if I my posts appeared to have been inappropriate ‘towards you,’ I beg your pardon. I hope that clarifies matters.
It is a new you for everyone, Chuck.
Happy New Year.
Best regards to you and yours.
Robert Young

I honestly don’t know WTF you’re talking about. You posted a question. I responded to that question in a straightforward and what I considered to be an informative manner. You responded with

If you can’t stomach a response to a question on a public forum, you need to consider asking it in a private setting or not at all.