Thermal Leak Detector

What is your opinion of this Black & Decker leak detector.

They are only 39.99

Item was in a recent Handyman magazine article pertaining to energy savings.

Looks like a laser thermometer to me…what makes it a leak detector?
maybe the fact that its your assertion that a wide difference in temps between close areas indicates a leak?
Interesting…although I already have a laser thermometer, I never thought to use it in that way…

The led light changes from green to red for warm or blue for cold. It does not just shoot a pin point laser. It shoots a small circle about the size of a bottom of a small cup.

Ah, I see said the blind man.:wink:

It looks like the color of the screen changes when there is a temp differential of the item being scanned. more info here. Don’t know how really usfual it would be.

All IR thermometers work that way, the laser is just a marker, it does not take the measurment. The IR detector does, move further back from your target and you will see the accuracy of the temp change as the detector span widens over the distance.

If I were to purchase this, it would be utilized as an infrared thermometer, not as a leak detector.

I use mine on a daily basis.

Wish I had seen this before I spent $4,000 on my IR camera:mad:


Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to “see” and “measure” thermal energy emitted from an object. Your camera does both.

The item discussed here only measures.

Gee Billy. you are really smart. I think you missed the joke completely.

I comment was to be take as sarcastic