Thermal saved my butt today.

Whirlpool tub vent was crammed inside the sink vanity for the upstairs master… To see the leak you had to contort yourself inside and reach in with your camera to hunt for the leak.

Not hard to find with my thermal. I would have totally missed this without the camera today. :shock:



Sean -

If I can’t visibly see something malfunctioning (like leaking) when I’m there ITS not doing it. I understand what you see BUT I feel its REALLY dangerous to think GOSH I missed this without my thermal.

If we All start thinking like that we’re an OPEN piggy bank for buyers, realtors, sellers, etc.

Good find Sean!

Sorry, but there are some things that are “doing it” and you can’t see it without an IR camera. Better to find it and report … IMHO.



If the camera and the moisture meter tell me its leaking then its leaking.
I also made the effort to physically find the leak. IT was the cold water valve on the whirlpool tub. IT only leaks when you use it and it did so when I filled the tub.

I am not a big fella, so I was able to access the spot to see the leak. Anyone over 200 would have never fit in the sink base to see the leak.

I guess I should change the title to " My thermal camera made me a better inspector than you today." :smiley:

What are you trying say Willis

Great job Sean. You show that it’s about protecting your client, not just running through and collecting a paycheck.

Put down the chips Wayne…:smiley:

Even though it may never have been found at the inspection, when it was discovered later the buyer I am sure would be frustrated… Even when they can’t blame it on me, for we all know if you can’t see it you can’t report on it, they still would have a sense of dissatisfaction towards you…

Anything like this is an extra bonus for me in many ways.

I am a confirmed believer that in these times of down economy that a inspector that plans on making a living doing this has to perform at a level higher than his competition. My client yesterday stated he chose me because of my IR camera. Good Job Sean even for a pup you did good

You sure that new van you’re driving didn’t have anything to do with it?

Even the “old pups” get surprised on a routine basis…

This weeks find.

No stain, no huge moisture meter readings, (even when I knew where the moisture was). No Delta-T.

New Roof.

I’m sorry, the “you can find it visually or it ain’t there” just won’t cut it my friend!

With many issues, that is true.
In those cases it is just about documentation that does not come with “arguments”.

What kind of cameras are you guys using for those images. They are very sharp,and obviously have a higher resolution than a Flir B Cam that friend of mine let me play with. I am considering offering the service - after I have had proper training and understanding of the technology.

I think I was using a Flir BX320 that day.

These images are not tuned and there was only a 2-4F Delta-T.
They get clearer when you have a better TD.

John there are of us that take this IR business to the level above HI inspections and B cams don’t cut the mustard 320 X 240 is a minimum I want to work with I still have my B-cam its in the case doing nothing

You can make good videos with a B Cam Charley. It has a real video out vs the USB outs that a lot of cameras have these days.

Jason Kaylor
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply

Thermo Imaging should be separate from a home inspection. It is way above SOP’s, and not regulated. Any attorney will tear you apart in any litigation. Just sayin.

I would expect nothing less from the SOP crowd if one just sits around doing nothing but worrying about lawyers and litigation I might suggest another profession

LOVE IT…Well said. Notice many of those who state we should follow the SOP very strictly are…well…not doing to many inspections these days…Coincidence?


It can be both. We work with several inspectors (some are HIs) that sub out work to us for IR in the Phoenix area. A well drafted scope of work, etc, will protect you from the ambulance chasers.

As far as litigation from IR, the home inspection world is very minimal. Now if a roof is involved that is an entirely different world.