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I have found a ton of kichen stove breakers just like this one I have expanded my business based on this type of beaker and shower pans

The hot breaker is the 50 amp mid left side no visible evidence of excessive heat, measured the amp on the stove at 47 amps. My advice is if one has a electrical cook stove ya better be checking the breaker with something besides your eyes. In the last 5 years I found about 3 of every 5 checked with either excessive or un balanced temp between the two legs

and for this Inspection…
was the client paying additional?
contracted for an IR Inspection?
or was the IR service provided?

OMG Charley. What did you say about the Stab-lok panel?! :smiley:

Good thing he had an IR Camera…
maybe he missed that it was Stab-Lok…


Thanks Charley. Nice images.
Just investing in a FLUKE TI9 manual focus 2 batteries or Ti100 auto +4’ feet.
Almost no price difference and they both have 160-120 FPA Uncooled Microbolometer
I waited for springs hype to pass. New models are now out.
2 years ago this would be well over 4 large.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

My IR thermometer would catch it but an image of photo says a thousands words and you know my spelling.:wink:

You are just like Bushy don’t like change the way I see it it is of no cencern of yours what the client paid for as long as I am finding problems that others don’t I will contuine to do so

LOL good one Charlie , I believe IR is a great tool

I said the double pole 50 amp breaker for the cook stove had excessive un-balanced temp and the bottom right 20 amp single pole breaker was doubled tapped;-)

I agree. I have also found that (as a result of finding that others can’t find) I continue to be busier than the average inspector.

Charley nice find!
another satisfied CMOR consumer

unless underlying wiring or component damage is discovered by the qualified sparky

appears to be about 80% after market ocd and still room for adding circuits

it appears another visible issue often overlooked by electricians & the ahj nationwide from that equipment’s era

408.41 Grounded Conductor Terminations.

Each grounded conductor shall terminate within the panelboard in an individual terminal that is not also used for another conductor.

In accordance with their listing and the requirement of 110.14(A), conductor terminations are only suitable for a single conductor unless the terminal is marked or otherwise identified as suitable for more than one conductor. The use of a single termination point within a panelboard to connect more than one grounded conductor or to connect a grounded conductor and an equipment grounding conductor can be problematic when it is necessary to isolate a particular grounded conductor for testing purposes. For example, if the grounded conductors of two branch circuits were terminated at a single connection point and it were necessary to isolate one branch circuit for the purposes of troubleshooting, the fact that the circuit not being tested remained energized could create an unsafe working condition for service personnel disconnecting the grounded conductor of the circuit being tested. In some cases, panelboard instructions are provided that permit the use of a single-conductor termination for more than one equipment grounding conductor. See 408.40 for the requirements on panelboard terminations for grounded and equipment grounding conductors.

Exception: Grounded conductors of circuits with parallel conductors shall be permitted to terminate in a single terminal if the terminal is identified for connection of more than one conductor.

the above nec reference has changed numerical location over the years

and sure Charley reported this and any other infractions present

So have you expanded your business by doing the repairs?

A major HI here is being investigated by doing a home inspection, finding dozens of repairs needed, mold, and offering $10K for doing all of the repairs and mitigation, and making several people in this transaction not happy; home owner, home buyer, agents involved, appraisers, loan preparers, etc.

Isn’t this a conflict of interest? Using IR is way above most SOP’s, so we and any court can also assume that you are going way above any item listed on the SOP’s…

Did Braun get busted for shoddy practices? He’s the self-proclaimed mold guru down yonder.

Was not him; it was a Kansas guy. Not mentioning names here, yet. Home inspection fees here are so cheap because of the Kansas laws, that HI’s are looking for revenue where they can; not me. Cannot really blame him, but I think $10K is over the top.

Until lawmakers in Kansas realize, and the KAR also have caused, cheap inspections will be the norm. HI’s are doing and charging fees for repairs, needed or not.

$199 for an inspection is just not cost effective. One company here is $249 for any size home with termite and radon. They have to make it up somewhere; repairs, treatments, mitigation, etc. needed or not.

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answering for myself only

many savvy clients want the most informative inspection
not the minimum sop offered by most associations or gov. agencies

most consumers understand that additional expertise/equipment requires additional fees
if they don’t they do by the time they book the inspection here

working or reporting scared and relying on the minimum sop is no way to build a thriving business
especially if one has invested heavily in the proper training and equipment

i venture to say a plug tester performs a similar function, goes beyond visual inspection, for receptacle investigation and it’s a direct contact, invasive device, oops!

IR identifies a lot of what isn’t seen with the naked eye an added bonus for the clients

***please furnish any documentation where an inspector increased their liability by usage of IR ***

hopefully the warranty and insurance vendors will see this and chime in


Were you ever an actual inspector? Did you own your own firm, or did your Mom own the firm?

If the NACHI member, by whatever means, inspected something covered in the SOP, and repaired it, he is in violation of the NACHI COE. Plain and simple. Why do you NEVER seem to pick this up?

Additionally, the SOPs are there for a reason. Where an inspector chooses to “exceed” it, there had better be consistent, and a written poliicy/procedure for where and when this is done. I speck from experience. You’d be surprised how many inspectors get sued as a result of exceeding the SOP. You see Nathan, it aint always about a new marketing ploy.

And, where you give BS advice, I will be there to refute you.

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So where in the Hell did you dream this up I have tried to help you but again you and a few other SOP ??? have no clue how to expand a business. I have never done repairs and don’t intend to now or years later I am to busy inspecting and using IR to expand my client base. Give me a call we can meet have coffee and expand your business. There is no need to be a cry baby about things that you have no control over you have to adapt to the situation or close your doors Nate is a bright young man you would do well to listen. I am just an old fart but I do know a few things. Coffee your place or mine

Actually Charlie, I am currious how you designed your IR service. These are good questions for us expanding our business into IR. I understand if you opt to not answer, trade secrets and all.:slight_smile:

Give me a call I have no secrets and will help anyone just not on the BB