Thick Texas spider. Anyone have an ID?

About 2” diameter including legs. In a crawlspace outside of Austin, TX

Looks l a lot like a wolf spider from here


I agree with Brian.
Wolfies can jump a pretty good distance.
They are territorial but are afraid of you & will take off.


Looks like a Ground Wolf Spider from Colorado.

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That is Lycosidae or the more common name Wolf Spider. There are many species of the spider including here in Texas. They are reported to range in size up to 3". It is a very common spider here. If you look in the grass and find what appears to be an old cacoon (white pouch) it isn’t. The Wolf Spider is not a web spider but will spin a sac to hold its eggs to its belly. Once the young hatch they ditch the sac and the young literally ride on the parent until old enough to drop off on their own. Step on a Momma carrying the young and you’ll see them scatter as you squish her.

They are not poisonous but can be a problem for people with allergies to bites. The bite can be painful and slight necrosis might develop at the bite site but it is not as dangerous and fatal as the amount of necrosis caused by a Brown Recluse.

I really don’t like the spider and have seen it 3"+ out here in the country. If they are out and away from the house, and the dog’s yard, I leave them alone as they will take on red hornets and other PITA insects. I’ve watched them battle hornets and wasps and it is a pretty amazing thing.


Holy cow, That one must be an old one. I’ve seen wolf spiders that big before but it wasn’t as meaty. Maybe I’ve seen males before and that was a female?

Thanks for the info! Cool stuff

Looks like it’s ready to spit out a few dozen more. " I don’t like spiders and snakes, but if that what it takes…"