Say hello to my leetle friend!

I was confirming some suspected decay to a sill plate and header joist when I ran across this ole’ girly. She’s about twice as big as any widow I’ve ever seen before in over 8700 inspections. Her abdomen alone is approximately 3/8" to 7/16" and her leg span is about 1" to 1 1/8"

A Black Widow2.jpg

Glad it was you and not me. I hate spiders, especially some that black and big.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Just curious, What other critters have inspectors run into? I have seen bats in attics and a possum in a crawl space.

2 snakes; 2 opossum; hundreds of widows; racoon slumbering on a smoke shelf; bat in the living room curtains; mice (of course); squirrels; I believe that’s it for me.

Michael: It would be much easier and more dramatic if you whould have placed your little “pinky” right next to her so we could relate her size in comparison. Maybe next time, eh?

i see these “celar dwellers” all the time. oddly enough, i’ve never seen one alive…but yet the species lives on. never a bug in there webs, never any bugs around to feed on, how do they do it.

100_0588 (Small).JPG

Employees where they are not supposed to be. More frightening than any wildlife. Wait. They are wild life. :smiley:

Hi. Russell;

Is that the same as Employees doing what they are not suppose to do? :wink:


Here kitty


Wow, thats almost as good as roadkill, need a big pot to cook it in though.

I found this one yesterday, not sure what kind it is.


recluse? or wolf?

See the romex?




Looks like an electrifying lunch for some critters.

Ha. Ha.
Marcel :wink:

See Marcel… this is why we live in Maine… no damn spiders that can/will kill ya!!

this is as close to any of them I want to get… :shock:

Amen to that Jeff. Hope you are fine.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ve encountered this one before, I believe the Latin name is Stainious Underweariuim. :mrgreen:

wasn’t on an inspection, but walked out into my moms garage carrying stuff, went in the man door took two steps,and felt something big bump against my leg, looked down and to the left,saw bear cub, looked right and towards the loud growling sound, saw mama bear, needless to say my body moved much faster than my excrement did!

Michael, that’s our natural defence mechanism.

  1. run
  2. crap to the right
  3. run again, this time to the left.

…throws the sent trail off.