Think about this while you enjoy your weekend.

Thanks Frank. Too many people don’t get what Memorial Day is for.

Amen. Thanks to all who have paid the ultimate price and all who have served.

I absolutely hate it when people confuse Memorial Day with Veterans Day and wish me a “Happy Memorial Day”… I’m thinking, “Happy somber day of remembrance? you must be out of your mind” I revamped my logo a little for Memorial Day, just a little something meant to honor the fallen.

For many years, Memorial Day was used to honor only those killed in the War of Northern Aggression… and not any other American conflict. But after WWI it was expanded to honor all those who died while in U.S. military service. It became a federal holiday in 1971.

I expanded Memorial Day again to a day where I personally honor all those (from any country in the world) who died defending their national sovereignty. God bless them all.

I like it Brian!