Thinking about joining NACHI? Special deal on Thermal Imaging video.

*Show Me How Videos is proud to announce in a spirit of working with the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) that with the purchase of one of our videos on Thermal Imaging]( new applicants can apply the fee for the video towards their new membership in NACHI. This special deal is only available to new NACHI applicants who apply between April 15 and May 15. Thanks as always to Nick Gromicko and the entire NACHI membership. Just fax proof of purchase to (650) 429 2057 with your name on it before you apply *](

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Show Me How Videos is pleased to announce another of our growing DVD/Video line.

Septic Inspections- This video is filmed partially at Delaware state industrial center showing actual demo systems above grade.

Jim then takes you out onto an actual septic evaluation and pump-out to walk you through a step by step evaluation process.

As always NAHCI members get a discount, just enter nachi2007 in the coupon during check out
thanks to all NACHI members and their continued support.